Wednesday, April 13, 2011

lets WRAP. IT. UP.

terrible movie. dont waste your time :(

DAY 27: A PICTURE OF A TRADITION YOU HAVEgoing to dinner with friends every weekend. ok, our friends arent in this picture, but they took it. so...thats proof, right? hahaha. we love food, and we love friends. oh, and eachother ;)

DAY 28: A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOPforever 21. its so cheap!!! and cute. and i love it.

DAY 29: A PICTURE OF WHERE YOU LIVEyes, i live in a subdivision. but look at our view! usually i totally take it for granted, but sometimes i just look around when we're driving around our house and i'm like "aww, its so pretty!" i like it :)

DAY 30: A PICTURE OF YOUR FAVORITE SPORTi hate sports. however, i do enjoy watching the winter olymics. skiing, moguls, snowboarding, ice skating, etc. i'm hooked the whole time!

well, that was fun. i'm kind of glad its over haha. and now back to regular blogging ;) stay tuned. ♥

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kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

hahaha i had a feeling that movie would be awful. :P

i live in a subdivision too. haha we're suburban homies! we've got a bit of a mountain view too, but nothing as glorious and surrounding as yours. why are mountains so awesome, i ask you?

ps - if you ever end up in the seattle are, you BEST let me know! (in reply to your comment like 1,437 posts ago. i fail.)