Monday, April 11, 2011


first of all, i just wanted to say thank you for all the nice comments, messages, texts, and emails i received from yesterdays blog. i really apreciate them. while all the things i mentioned have happened to us before, none have happened in the last few days to "spur" it on... i've just been thinking about doing a post like that for a while.

in other news, today was like christmas when i got home! my husband got me a new purse: partly as an early anniversary gift, but mostly because my last one started falling apart [it was an awesome purse, but the outside material isn't the best for a bag :/].

so, he surprised me and bought me a guess purse! he picked it out all by himself, and was pretty proud once i confirmed that i loved it haha. here is a picture, although the bag is a much lighter taupe in real life:

i think its gorgeous. its also a nice and BIG purse, which i love. i'm pretty sure i could fit jay-z inside, and them carry him around with me all the time. i think its a pretty good plan... (and kitty even seemed interested)! when i told josh though, he didnt think it was very funny. he also said i'm not allowed to EVER bring it to work! he said its for when we go out, like to dinner or shopping or something. booo! however, i respect the guess, so i guess i'll play along. ;)

i ALSO got some vintage goodies i ordered for my birthday (my parents gave me birthday money and said to peruse etsy for vintage delights. yes please!!). here were my purchases:

belt and moccasins from VintageDarling
floral dress from andemonster

i've purchased from VintageDarling before, and have always had wonderful service. she has a fabulous and extensive selection. i LOVE both the items i got from her! and although i have wanted to before, this was my first purchase from andemonster. the dress shipped lightening fast, and its adorable. i definitely recommend both of these stores for some fun vintage shopping! have you gone shopping lately?

ps: thank you mom and dad for the birthday presents!! love you! ♥


its simple love said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my shop! I greatly appreciate it! I am so so glad you like the dress!


Emily said...

love all of that!!! and we should probably go shopping again. k. thanks.

peace & love,


Meg said...

I said it already, but i love that purse...good job hubs! Love your vintage pieces, love, love the moccasians! Enjoy your day!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

i love that you bought those shoes! and that belt...and the dress...perfection.

sounds like a pretty sweet birthday! :)

ps - did i somehow miss this: