hello. what do you want to know about me?

*i am 28 years young
*i am married to the love of my life (cliche, i know, but its true)
*we have two chilluns. and we love them like whoaaaaaaa. ♥
*we have a cat named jay-z, and he's sort of been the star of my blog sometimes
*i love the environment. i graduated with a degree in wildlife and wildlands conservation. recycling and hydrology are my favorites
*i used to be an environmental scientist. now i'm a stay-at-home mom
*i love fashion. hair, makeup, modeling, clothes, etc
*i am lds (aka mormon)
*i like to write about anything and everything. annoying? sorry...
*i love to create things. crafting is cool.
*i love food. i call myself a fatty, which pretty much just means i have a deep love of food.
*i get obsessed with things. for instance, i will get a new pair of shoes i love and then want to wear them every day forever.
*i think i'm funny, but my husband thinks he's funnier.
*i love movies.

for now, we'll consider this page a work in progress. let me know what else you want to know "about me"

thanks for reading ♥

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