Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have wanted purple hair for years. A couple years ago I did purple ends, but it wasn't the same as all purple hair. I hadn't ever done it because purple is so high maintenance. It fades like crazy, and dyes everything purple. But after Miss Emily used photoshop to give me purple hair in a family photo, I made up my mind. I'm not getting any younger, so I was all in: PURPLE HAIR IT IS!!

I told my friend Natalie (who is a hairdresser) my grand plans, and asked her to help me. She graciously agreed (yay!). We bleached my hair, which took a lot of work since I had dyed my hair dark after George was born. Then we used a purple dye that we thought would work really well. didn't :( It turned my hair back to black with a blue sheen. We knew all of this was an experiment, so we just considered it a little setback and did some more research. I stripped my hair, we bleached it again (also a lot of work, to get the black/blue out...eeks...). Thankfully Natalie knows what she's doing and my hair was not fried!! And because we knew Manic Panic worked, that's what we used. VOILA, PURPLE HAIR!!! This was all just before Christmas, so I've had purple hair for about 3.5 months now. Here are some of the pics that were taken back in December of my new purple hair :)

VICTORY!! [don't mind me pretending i'm a model...]

Josh braided my hair.

This pic has a filter so it almost looks blue, but I still like it
For anyone who is considering going purple, I will tell you what I've found out along the way... Manic Panic fades like CRAZYYYY! Without even washing it, it would fade more with each passing day. I had Natalie re-dye it a few times, but felt like I was almost always walking around with faded hair. Finally we did some more research (who knew purple hair could make you research so much?! haha) and saw a lot of vibrant purple hair online that was dyed with Pravana. Of course, that dye isn't sold in my town. But Natalie picked some up for me when she went to Saint George, and we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

When I first washed out the Pravana I got really nervous because it looked like it went pretty dark. Compared to my faded Manic Panic hair, it was dark. But boy was it VIBRANT!! It's so perfect, and I'm in love with it. I've had the Pravana in for about a month, and haven't had to redye it yet!  I do mix in a little bit of dye with my conditioner, which seems to help keep the vibrancy up a bit between washes.

light coming through the blinds

this quote is from a kids book and I find it appropriate ;)

at the zoo a couple weeks ago
Even though everything is purple now (my pillowcase, my neck, my hands after I straighten my hair, the backs of my shirts, etc), it's totally worth it. I love my purple hair and I'm so glad I have awesome friends like Natalie who help all my hair dreams come true!! ;) It's pretty funny because now purple hair seems completely normal to me, and I often forget that it isn't actually super common. Or I just completely forget that my hair is purple. And then I get some really odd looks/stares in public and I'm like "What the heck are they looking at?? Is there chocolate on my face? Ohhh...right..". My favorite reactions are always from kids, who get really excited and intrigued. There have been several instances where kids will yell out to their parents "Mom [and/or Dad]! Look! She has purple hair!!!" It's pretty adorable.

I love the quote that I have in that selfie above, and I think it also applies to the fact that my hair is purple. So I'll write it out, because it's awesome:

I may be called a silly nut,
or crazy cuckoo bird-so what?
I'm having too much fun, you see,
for anything to bother me!
-"I Like Myself" by Karen Beaumont

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Flashback: Henry turned TWO!

On December 15th, my little baby turned two years old. WHAT THE HECK!?! I just can hardly believe that he is already two. I love Henry to pieces, and although we try each others' patience sometimes, I am completely obsessed with him. He still loves Elmo, so I decided to throw an Elmo themed party. And at the time, his favorite foods were zzaa-zzaa (pizza) and ah-kee's (cookies).

the invitation :)
I checked out the Dollar Store to look for Elmo balloons, and I completely lucked out. They didn't have any hanging on their display wall so I got a little nervous, but then I asked someone and they found a whole stash. I got ten. (Which, funny enough, was the same price I could have paid to get ONE Elmo balloon at Sesame Street Live!).

they were a big hit
I made Henry a Happy Birthday banner. And wow...that took forever. It seems so simple, yet took SO LONG! I'm keeping it and totally plan on using it for future birthdays. Because for real, it was pretty labor intensive haha.

I got Sesame Street stickers and decorated party hats because I couldn't find a store that sold Elmo party supplies... Doesn't Walmart know that Elmo is still huge, and parents don't want to do anything?! Get with the program, peeps!!

he didn't like the hats so much...
Mimi and Bear came to town for the weekend to celebrate. We loved having them here, and they got him a big Hug Me Elmo. It talks, sings, and gives hugs. Which means it's inherently a little bit creepy, but Henry loved it ;)
see the fear in George's eyes? toys that talk on their own are totally freaky ;)
Some of our friends were able to make it to the party as well, and Henry got spoiled with toys. IN FACT, I think I've decided I'm never buying Henry a birthday present ever again. He got SO MANY toys that it was kind of insane. I think Josh's head might have exploded from the OCD-induced panic that comes along with a house overrun with toys. (Totally joking...sort of...). Henry was having so much fun playing with all his new toys that we decided just to give him a couple small presents from us, and keep the bigger ones for Christmas. He didn't even notice the difference.

New shopping cart. New vacuum. Ready to go!

We had to force him to open each new toy, since he was still busy playing with the last one. #toddlerproblems
Overall, the party was a really fun time. We had pizza (obviously), lots of cookies, and a cookie birthday cake. Because it was Bear's birthday weekend too, we also had a second birthday cookie cake for him too :) We really like our cookies around here!

birthday collage!
His birthday party was a great time, and Henry had an absolute blast! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so awesome! And a big thanks to my mom who came up and visited the weekend before, since she couldn't come for his birthday weekend. :)

On December 17 we went to the pediatrician for Henry's two year appointment. Here are his stats:
Weight: 28.4 lbs -- 56%
Height: 35.5" -- 79%

We love you so much Henry! It is so fun to see you grow up and learn and explore. Happy second birthday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flashback: Christmas preparations

In early December we had a church Christmas party that we attended. Santa was also in attendance. Last year Henry did not do well with Santa, so we were interested to see how he'd do this year. We tried to hype him up a bit and mentally prepare him ;) Unfortunately, that didn't really work...

Poor Santa ;)

George is so chill and happy that he was just looking around. Compared to Henry's experience, it was a cake walk for Santa. He almost seems bored in the pic...

I had to work on convincing Josh that we needed to put up Christmas decorations. Which is funny because it used to be the opposite: I was scrooge and Josh would have to talk me into doing anything Christmas-related. I think it comes along with the territory of having kids: now I want to have memory-making stuff for the kids, and Josh doesn't want to deal with the mess that comes with combining kids and decorations. In the end, we put up the tree and decorations! The ornaments on the tree almost made me lose my mind... because Henry thought it was the coolest thing ever to take the ornaments off and throw them on the ground. I'm just glad the tree didn't fall over. But man those ornaments were practically the death of me. By the end of the month Henry had gotten much better about leaving them alone, thank goodness.

the cutest present ever

Because Henry's birthday is December 15, the presents under the tree were both for Christmas and his birthday. Surprisingly Henry mostly left the presents alone. Every once in a while he would get curious, but we'd just ask him to put them back and he did a good job. Such a stud :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flashback: Family Pictures 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, our dear friend Emily was kind enough to take some family pictures for us while her and Dave were visiting. You can tell how amazing of a photographer she is just from looking at her pictures, but add the fact that our kids were NOT cooperating, and I'm amazed she even got any decent pictures at all (let alone awesome ones!!). A HUGE thank you to Emily!!


Emily worked photoshop magic on this pic, which gave me the final push I needed to finally dye my hair purple.

Thanks so much Emily, WE LOVE YOU! And Davey too, duh ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flashback: Thanksgiving VIDEO!

Our vacation, captured and pieced together beautifully by Dave:

Flashback: Thanksgiving vacation

Thanksgiving was awesome. Our dear friends Emily and Dave came out to visit us from Ohio!! We hadn't seen them for a year, which felt like an eternity. Obviously they just need to come live in our house so we never have to be separated again ;) This post is definitely the short version of everything. I lost a lot of my pictures from my phone recently, so these are all pictures pulled from Instagram (and some stolen from Emily!).

To start our vacation, Josh and I drove up north so we could party at Josh's parents' house. Once again, I got out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner (woot woot!)!! Emily and Dave drove from the airport to meet us so we could all enjoy a lovely meal together.A big thanks to Mimi and Bear for hosting us all! :)

Road trippin up north!

Mary is so nice and cooked the entire meal for us. Josh had to help ...prepare... the turkey. And it was hilarious.

"Just grab it right there, and pull!!"

After all the fun/festivities/fabulous meal, we hung out for a bit and then made the journey back home. That night we played games and caught up. George played some video games too ;)

Thumbs are tasty
Our vacation consisted a lot of hanging out, eating food, and holding babies. With some park-playing, football watching, and more eating thrown in there. We had so much fun with Emily and Dave, and we were SO HAPPY they could come visit. Dave played videographer the whole time, and made the best video ever made in the history of ever. I'm trying to upload it to youtube, so we'll see if that works out... Because it sums up our entire vacation perfectly.

I swear George actually liked him... haha
Henry's favorite part of Aunty Em and Uncle Davey's visit was probably watching videos of their dog Finn on their phones. "Doggy? Doggy?" And asking them for snacks, obvi.

Aunty Em!
George's favorite part was all the snuggles and extra attention he got. Such a spoiled baby!

sleepy time!
We love having such amazing people in our lives who are so sweet and loving to our kids. We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends :) Also while they were here, Emily was nice enough to take family pictures for us. I will have them up in my next post!! She's the bestesttttttt! 


Everyone was sad when Emily and Dave had to leave. I may have cried a little bit. And I did not want to ever let go of Emily. Speaking of Emily, she tried to stuff Henry in her suitcase. We told her to return him when he was potty trained.

Like I said, this is a very condensed version of a fabulous vacation. To sum it all up? IT WAS SO FUN!!! We have missed these crazy kids so much, and it was almost surreal that they were actually here! Thank you Emily and Dave for making the trip, and making our Thanksgiving break absolutely amazing. We love you and miss you. Now please come live in our compound. Thanks ;)

Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback: Sesame Street Live

When I saw that 'Sesame Street Live - Elmo Makes Music' was coming to our city, I knew Henry would really enjoy it. He's never been to any kind of show or movie, so I was a little nervous. But Elmo was involved, so I had hope!! The show was on November 13th, and I was almost foolish enough to try and bring both kids by myself. Then I smartened up and asked a friend if she could watch George, and thankfully she was able to. That made it so I was able to just focus on Henry having a blast!

Ready to go!
In the theater. "What is this magic?!"
The show was actually really cute and fun. They periodically had the monsters come out in the audience and wave to the kids and interact. I was a little miffed because the row in front of us was empty, but the monsters couldn't come down it because someone put their car seat in the way. Way to ruin our fun, stranger!! Sorry, I digress...  At one point a random monster (pictured below) managed to make their way close enough to us to give Henry a high five. While I think Henry was a bit taken off guard, he thought it was pretty cool. I didn't really get a picture of that moment, but you can imagine it ;)

Henry got to high five this beautiful monster. [Also see lovely fun-blocking family two rows in front of us...grr]
At first I had Henry set up in the chair next to me. But that got a bit distracting, as it was one of those movie-theater style chairs that was trying to eat him. I ended up sitting him in my lap--where he stayed for almost the entire time (over an hour!). Impressive, I know.

There were a lot of different musical numbers, most of which were about making music. One or two might have been about finding lost instruments or something. [Insert joke about Sesame Street beating a dead horse by making music about making music, which adults find monotonous but children find amazing].

Henry was literally ENTHRALLED the entire time, which actually made it really fun for both of us. It's an awesome feeling to see your child be so happy, and to be able to share that moment with them :) Even if it's over seeing Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang dancing and singing in real life.

Captivated. Maybe there was some sort of subliminal brainwashing going on.

singing & dancing

I think Elmo came out near us maybe once or twice. But like I mentioned, the car seat family...

Rockin robin birds with Big Bird
I will say something about this production... they definitely know how to make money. They have it down to a science. More like an art form, really. For example: they have an intermission, and the second those stage lights start dimming, people come out with giant bunches of helium Elmo balloons. Cue kids yelling saying "Elmo! Balloon! Oooh!" and cue parents thinking *Aww, maybe I'll be nice and get a balloon for my kid, that would be cute*. So the balloon guy comes closer and you overhear someone ask how much the balloons are. Cue balloon guy saying "ten dollars", and then cue frazzled parents attempting to steer their balloon-craving children away, resulting in heartache and tantrums. In public. You can all see where this is heading... Cha-ching!

We went out in the lobby during intermission to see what else they were selling. Everything was outrageously priced, so instead of purchasing anything I just took pictures of Henry and Elmo in front of the merch booth ;)  

"What's up, Elmo?"
After intermission, Henry started to get a bit more antsy. He stayed in my lap for about ten more minutes, and then stood up in front of his chair for the rest of the time (about 15 minutes). All the dancing and singing [combined with my ample supply of Goldfish] kept him from wandering away. ;)

They did cool black light stuff where only shoes lit up on stage
It ended up being a really fun experience, and it was completely worth the money, time, and child-geared acting. Henry was completely in awe of the whole show, and if they come back to our city next year I'm sure we will be going again! :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flashback: George's baby blessing

On November 3rd, George got blessed at church. It was not only a special occasion because of his blessing, but also because our friends and family came to visit. My parents drove up from Arizona, Josh's parents and sisters family drove down from up north, and our BFFs Jeff and Darci also drove down. It was a party! On Sunday our friends Ryan and Natalie also came to the blessing. The weekend was definitely a whirlwind, but we all had such a great time. There's not much better than being surrounded by your favorite people ♥

snuggling with Grandma
My mom made George's blessing outfit, and it had that cute vintage feel that I love. He was a major stud :)

always a happy camper

family picture! complete with Henry's shiner

with Mimi and Bear

with Grandma and Grandpa

the funniest face ever
We had a wonderful day and a fun-filled weekend. We're so grateful for all the sweet people in our lives who give so much love to our boys.  Thank you to our friends and family for being a part of our special day :) To our friends who couldn't make it because we now live super far away (sorry), we missed you! ♥