Sunday, January 17, 2016

funny moments with the kids...

This past week or so has been kind of rough around here. Bear had back surgery and so he's been having a hard time. Henry was so pathetically sick and had a fever that got up to 104. I had to take him to urgent care where we found he had bronchitis, and he's been on antibiotics since. Since we were all pretty haggard, after dinner one night Mimi decided that ice cream was in order. The kids hardly ever get treats like this so it was kind of a big deal. We told the boys they had to finish their dinner, and so Henry ate what he could right away. George didn't seem to grasp the concept, and kept crying for ice cream. We kept telling him he could get ice cream if he'd just eat his dinner, but it didn't process and he kept having a meltdown. Finally I sat him in his chair, showed him a cheese stick, and said "Do you want ice cream?" He wailed "yesssssss!" and I said "then EAT THIS." Somehow it all clicked... he immediately stopped crying and he shoved that entire cheese stick into his mouth as fast as he could. After we were done laughing then we told him he better chew the whole thing and not choke, and he finished it off in a matter of seconds. Ice cream for everyone!!!

Poor Henry has been coughing for over a week straight, but thankfully with the antibiotics he's been feeling better overall. A few days ago he had breakfast and I gave him his medicine. Of course right away he coughs and then says sadly "Mommy, it didn't work". I told him it takes some time to kick in, and he started coughing again. Then he looked up at me and said with all seriousness, "Mommy, there's a bunny trapped in my lungs." After laughing for a second, I asked, "there are bunnies stuck in your lungs?" He said "No mommy, just one bunny. It's trapped." It was sad but also sweet and hilarious at the same time. Poor kid. And poor little bunny ;)

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