Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 resolutions...secret and not so secret

So I had a few resolutions for this past year that I wrote up and taped up in my medicine cabinet so I would see them every day. I did...ok... on them for the most part. haha.

2014 Resolutions:

-remember and plan for birthdays
I am really proud to say that I did this one, and well. I'm normally terrible at birthdays and never remember anyone's, and always scramble at the last minute. At the beginning of the year I wrote everyone's birthdays down in my calendar, and would refer to it at least weekly. I'd scan ahead to see if there were any upcoming birthdays, and plan accordingly. This is something I want to keep up, because it's always nice to feel a little extra special on your birthday :)
-less screen time, especially when kids are awake
I did ok-ish on this one. I will say I used to be on my nail instagram account all the time, and have cut that way back because it was a huge time-sucker. I'm still working on this one, but overall I'd say I have improved.
-eat less sugar and more fruit/veggies
This was the hardest resolution for me, but the most important because my sugar consumption got way out of hand. I was eating an entire big bag of candy almost every single day. It really had developed into a binge-eating disorder of sorts.. From about May to Halloween I had little to no candy. I was incredibly impressed with myself. Halloween got me a little off track, and all these damn holidays have got me off the wagon. 
that one time when George was wading in sugar..
-take action on improving recycling in the city
Umm... I googled some stuff about this. Cedar City just seems incredibly disorganized about recycling, and clearly doesn't care much about it. I should have done a lot more in this area. This will carry over into the next year. At least I stayed strong about recycling all year, even though it is incredible annoying to do so here.
-take action on getting fluoride in the water
I talked to a dentist about this and he was like "Yeah, I don't know why they don't have it here" etc etc. But then I was doing some research and I'm conflicted on this issue. Some research shows that fluoride in liquid form can be harmful and cause birth defects?? But in the solid form it's totally fine? I don't know... I need to do more research. In the meantime though, I'm just having my kids take their fluoride prescriptions and sort of getting over it.

And now... the BIG REVEAL (ha!) of my secret resolution. As some of you may remember, for 2013 my secret resolution was to be fierce. This year I almost wanted to keep the same secret resolution because I feel like it actually did a lot for me, but I took on a new one. It was to be more outgoing and easygoing. Since having two kids my anxiety has definitely increased, and I'd have to constantly remind myself that I need to be more easygoing and just roll with the punches sometimes. I also didn't have a ton of friends and would be pretty shy about meeting new people, and decided I needed to get over that. Sometimes you just need to push yourself so you can become more like you want to be. Fake it til you make it, right??
Looking back, I think I was pretty successful. I've made new friends and been more outgoing in general. I have become much better at handling my anxiety, and can consequently do a lot more with my kids. While the mere thought of taking both of my kids to the store at the same time used to petrify me, I'm basically a pro now ;) Well...I can at least take both kids just about anywhere and be positive about the experience. 

I'll be brainstorming about my resolutions for this next year, and will probably get around to posting them eventually. I still can't believe it's almost 2015, this year truly has flown by!! If you have any resolutions decided yet for the new year, feel free to tell me so I can steal your ideas ;)

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