Friday, April 15, 2011

game night!

"what is this game night you speak of!?" - jay-z

tonight our nephew jackson is sleeping over. it was one of his birthday "presents" to come sleep over with us, and his uncle bj. so of course we have just been playing games all night long. also, did you know my nephew jackson is hilarious? because he is...

prime examples:

1. i was showering after work and all that jazz, during which jackson and bj had come over and started playing games with josh. i came down the stairs and jokingly said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" jackson turns around and looks at me all sassy-like and says "well i've only been over here playing for practically an HOUR!" hahaha

2. whenever games really dont go his way, he says they are cheating. we would say, "oh, that level was really hard..." and he would say, "NO! the game was cheating!!!" and then if he kept losing he would just say "umm, lets just play another game..."

3. we were playing mario party and i was about to put down a zap orb right by josh. jackson piped up and said, "if you put that down to get joshy, i will be out to get you!!" and then after i put down the zap orb, he said "OH NO! you are gonna get it!!" and then proceeded to come after me in the game

4. he'll say really funny phrases, like "not on my watch!" and "take thaaaat!" and "i will run for my liiiiiife!" also, when i said it was getting really late, he turned and said, "i've stayed up later than this! i've stayed up til 1:58 before!"

5. after playing mario party and finishing last place with no stars (# of stars is how you win), jackson won ALL of the bonus stars right in a row and won the game. we were all freaking out and excited, and he was jumping around saying "that was the best comeback EVER!"

dont worry sarah, we arent rotting out your childs brain or anything...

our living room is just a mess of old school games.
is this what your game nights look like? ;)


Emily said...

So cute! I love little kids. They're the best.

The Blairs said...

Best blog ever. He is pretty funny. He likes to use the words basically, actually, and practically a lot. He is also very precise about time. Weird! Thanks for having him over.

Liv said...

game nights look like me falling asleep on the couch while kev plays halo. weeee!!