Saturday, April 16, 2011

hilarious game night update...

continued this morning.

it all started when bj woke up and looked at his phone. it was 7:50am. he reached over and shook jackson a little and said, "you're allowed to get up now jack." jackson jolted up and yelled "i overslept!!" and then ran downstairs and started playing video games again. hahahaha.

also, this morning josh dug up his old gameboy from back in the day, and gave it to jackson as a birthday present. jackson was so excited he could not stop playing it. when they finally convinced him to play something else, he put the gameboy in its little satchel-case and put the strap over his shoulder. and then for the rest of the morning he proceeded to play his other games all while wearing the gameboy case. it was adorable. and hilarious.

thanks jackson and bj for spending the night with us! it was a blast :)

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