Wednesday, September 22, 2010


well, we got the phone call today about our results. low scores again. apparently josh has an infection though which could affect the scores, so he'll be put on antibiotics and we'll retest in 5 weeks. so basically, we're back at square one and just playing the waiting game. umm...i'm sort of bad at the waiting game. so i'm just going to try and not think about it for at least a month. and instead of stressing about babies, i'm just going to focus on the chilluns i already have: josh [my 5-year old] and jay-z [my ~4-year old (he's adopted but shh dont tell him that)]. they are adorable. especially when they take naps together:

(kitty was sleeping in these but he heard me rustling around).

jay-z is stretched out and upside down. ADORABLE. i would have gotten closer to get a better picture, but he would have heard me and scampered away. he's kind of a brat sometimes.

arent they cute? ♥

ps: this is another piece of evidence that jay-z is gay. he loves sleeping with josh.


Wonderland Papers said...

That last picture is just redonk. I love the look Jay-Z is giving you
like he won't be caught in this adorable situations only to be exploited for his cuteness. Um yea I read too much into kitty expressions. Yup.

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh they are very cute!
I am so sorry about the results...I bet it will get all better soon:)

Anonymous said...

thank you! :) i am sure everything will turn out great for you guys. and jay-z is so cool, maybe he should have a "what I wore wednesday"???


Meg said...

Sorry about the results, I am not good with patience at all!! Love the photos, Jay-Z is such a pretty cat, oops I mean handsome...i don't want to add to the gay thing! Ha!

Anna Walker said...

Giant Cat! :) I love it!
Sorry about the results. I am sure it will all work out when the time is right! :)
Maybe by this you can practice your patience for when you do have a baby.

Liv said...

dude, i've never been happier to hear that someone has an infection. i really hope that's why josh's scores are so low.

at least you do have your current babies. i totally feel like kev is my 5-year old too. boys are just like that!

Lisa said...

I agree with Liv, who knew an infection could be good news?

yours truly dear said...

haha seriously. at least, lets hope thats what it is.. we're crossing our fingers over here

BuenoBueno said...

ugh i am so sorry about josh's infection. Kelly and i are going through some tough times with my gma, shes in icu and the word infection is terrifying! we are also waiting to see if this last antibitics work. Kelly is flying in today.

i hope his antibiotics work!
the waiting game sucks!!!!
and funny cat!i love cats who like to cuddle. oh and kelly's dog is totally gay!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

we'll just have to keep you distracted for the next 5 weeks, here in the blog-i-verse. (*begins hatching diabolical plan*...)

omg!! the elusive Jay-Z cat! love him!!!

max sleeps the same way: upside down on her back. i always thought cats had some sort of instictual self preservation type thing that would prevent them from doing this...

heather yalin said...

the chilluns you have are so cute! keeping you in my thoughts for the next test and waiting game. i agree with kelli! we just have to keep you occupied! no stress no stress no stress. xoxox