Wednesday, September 15, 2010

puppies and babies

puppy update:
josh keeps looking at the pictures of the puppies (sarah posted more adorable ones on facebook, maybe i'll post them or link them later) and going "awwww! i want one!!!" it's driving me CRAZY because i'm like "uhh...i could have GOTTEN ONE!" hahaha. of course, his initial reasoning to not get one was pretty sound: we just have an apartment, we'd have to pay $50 extra per month for rent to have a dog, it would get huge, it would chew up all our nice furniture, and our place would smell like dog. boooo. i still want one. i keep thinking if we actually get nice jobs in the near future and get our own place, then we'll get a dog. honestly one of the first things i said after we processed the news about our infertility was, "well, if we can't have a baby, we can at least get a dog, right?" that was met with eye-rolling of course.

infertility update:
we went to the fertility clinic yesterday and discussed everything. josh's kruger score is going to be tested again, just so we have more than one test to base everything on. if the score is higher than 3% then we will try IUI (or what josh refers to as "turkey basting it"). this process is considerably cheaper than IVF ($730 vs $11,000). IUI has a 20% success rate, which is about what the natural pregnancy rate is normally (for my age group). if we do that for about 3+ times with no baby, then we'll consider IVF. BUT, if the kruger score is less than 3% then it's on to IVF. IVF has a 60% success rate. we will find out in a week which option it will be, and go from there. if we're just doing an IUI, then we'll probably start asap. if IVF is our only option, we'll probably have to wait for a bit and save up some money first, and look into adoption and stuff like that more. we'll keep you updated.

[[sorry if this infertility business is boring, but i know there are some of you reading this who really are curious about it. and it makes more sense when it's all written out and you can check links out and whatnot if you'd like. i'm not going to make it the sole purpose of my blog though. this blog is about my life, and infertility is the topic of the hour. cheers.]]


Wonderland Papers said...

I would make a comparison to how puppies and babies are similar but I only have a puppy. No babies yet. And he can be pretty expensive. Cats on the other hand, not so expensive especially when you have a rock star kitty :)

I'm sending all the positive vibes I can your way with your testing and hope you only see some positive results here on out!

Zoe said...

You should get a baby AND a dog! Haha! :) Those puppies are adorable.

Diana Mieczan said...

Its not boring at all...I wish you all the luck with it..and I would love if you keep us updated...:) Have a great day

Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

Liv said...

i'm so glad you have options and i will pray and hope that you can endure this trial until you reach the end!

and like i said before, i think it's wonderful that you're sharing this experience with your readers. you never know who desperately needs to read about it!

Lisa said...

I hate dog rent...that's why we don't have a little puppy right now too.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

puppies AND babies! oh my.

it's good to hear that you've got some options to explore. :) i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. :D

ps - i'm sure your future puppy is thanking you for not subjecting him to an apartment. i know i'm glad i waited til we were in a house to get kitties (note the plural). our last place was 700 sq ft and horrid. it woulda been a nightmare. plus, i wouldn't have these adorable crackheads that i do now. (ps they totes wanna be webpals with Jay-Z. max says "wassup!")

Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing my button! You are super fast! :)


Chelsea said...

aw......cute puppies.

Jon Ulf said...

Crossing my fingers that the turkey baster is an option! If there's anything you guys need, just let me know. We're behind you guys 100% no matter what!

As far as puppies go... they're pretty freaking cute to!