Thursday, September 23, 2010

one of my true loves

so, i dont know if you have picked up on this, but we love movies. LOVE. so much so that we started a movie review blog: we review. and now i am going to tell you about myself, in regards to movies. if you've actually read through our review blog you will know that i posted this on there a while back, so i apologize for the repeat.

if there's one thing i have always loved as a hobby, it's movies. and yes, i consider it a sort of hobby. if people ask the weird question "so what do you like to do in your free time?" i give them an awkward stare and then say "we love watching movies."


when i was little i used to watch my favorite movies over and over and over. on this list were: 101 dalmations (my fave as a youngster), shirley temple movies, and my fair lady. i was raised watching disney, shirley temple, and musicals (state fair, oklahoma, brigadoon, the divorcee, singing in the rain, sound of music, etc).

my movie tastes have changed (obviously), and now i love dramas and comedy, and some action movies. juji loves scary movies so my viewing of those has increased, but usually begrudgingly. i have left the theater a time or two when i get too scared...
true story. i also hate gore. anything gory is absolutely disgusting to me. violence is not appealing to me. if it is in some sort of action movie i can usually be ok, but i just hate it.

there are some movies i refuse to watch, which i think are just stupid. example, the twilight movies. another example,
transformers 2 (i wasted enough of my time watching the first one). if anything looks too childish or unbelievable, or based on a stupid book, i wont watch it.

anyways, i just love movies, and feel like i have a pretty good grasp on if they are awful or not. (dont ask juji though, because he will bring up movies i like such as "failure to launch" or "sex and the city" and then will say i have movie faults). you can decide for yourself though.

some of my favorite movies are:
best in show, baby mama, gran torino, slumdog m
illionaire, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, misery, the river wild, changeling, dark knight, date night, and many more


favorite actresses: zooey deschanel, kathy bates, tina fey, amy poehler, lisa kudrow, kate winslet, meryl streep, sarah jessica parker, britney murphy (rip), and some other ones i can't think of right now...

so go check out our movie blog! what are your favorite movies or actresses? i love being nosy... [plus, i'll just be honest. i sort of judge you based on what movies you like. ok not really...well, kind of. we can still be friends though]

ps: i realize this post is sort of shameless self promotion for our review blog. and i'm ok with that. please dont be a hater.

we review

pps: one of our more "controversial" posts is on alice in wonderland. because we um.....didnt like it. and now i'm going to run away before i get burned at the stake.


Wonderland Papers said...

So I'm going to take a leap and say that you probably already figured out that I like Alice in Wonderland. When I saw it the first time though I have to admit with my crazy high expectations ( I love love love Tim Burton and Disney's Alice in Wonderland) that I was a little disappointed in it. Underwhelemed to be more exact. The more I watch it though the more I begin to LOVE that movie and even get inspired by her "I believe in as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast" speech as a motivational thing.

With that said my favorite movies all tend to be rather girly The Notebook, You've Got Mail, Steel Magnolias and Finding Nemo. I also really love Super Troopers, Club Dread (Broken Lizard in general) Slap Shot and just about everything that Christopher Nolan has directed with Prestige probably being my favorite, cause hello it has David Bowie in it. Duh.

Wonderland Papers said...

Oh and as a PS I'm totally with you on the Twilight movies and Transformers 2 was a total waste of time.

Claire Kiefer said...

You know what's funny? I can rarely participate in these discussions cause, I know it's kind of a shame to admit it, but I'm so not a movie person! There are a few movies I really love (Untamed Heart, My Girl, The Life of David Gale, Sex and the City--ha!), but for the most part, my attention span just doesn't allow me to sit still for 2 hours (especially in a theater, where I have to be quiet and not be doing other things simultaneously). I like to get recommendations for AMAZING movies, though, cause I'm willing to try for ones truly worth seeing. ;)

angelina la dawn said...

A: i love wes anderson movies, and bill murray. and jason schwartswhatever

and 2: i didn't like alice in wonderland either!

Liv said...

i got bored during "alice." i remember getting up and leaving the room to do something during it. too bad.

i love meryl streep as well, and julia roberts and amy adams and will smith and hugh jackman, just to name a few actors.

i love the x-men movies and the wolverine movie. i like julie and julia and just saw the time traveler's wife and liked that too- but not as much as the book. and of course, i LOVE disney movies. they just remind me of childhood in a good way. maddie likes the live version of 101 dalmations. it's hilarious to watch her watch it!

Diana Mieczan said...

I also love movies and we watch many of them as my hubby is a movie translator so its a part of our life:)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

well, you know i already dig your movie blog. ;)

and i say, it's never a wrong opinion as long as it's your own. there's plenty of movies i loathe that the majority of people love. who cares? :P

onto some of my favie faves...oh boy. seriously. this is like "sophie's choice" (not on the list).

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
Bonnie & Clyde
Super Troopers
Boondock Saints
I Heart Huckabees
Leathal Weapon
Sans Soleil

judge away. :P ha ha!

Emily said...

MISERY! GRAN TORINO! Thank you, Jess & Josh Mikel for bringing these movies into our lives. You have impeccable movie taste.


your dirty birdie

Zoe said...

Yeah, i love to watch Elf. I have seen it a gagillion times, but it still makes me crack up when he says "I feel like a cotton headed ninymugginis" haha!!!! The only thing is my dad won't let me watch Christmas movies when it's not christmastime. Whats up with that? :)


Elaine said...

I love watching movies too!!!! That's mostly all I've been doing while applying to lol!

I LOVE Best in Show! It is so funny. I love dry humor.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My hubby and I LOVE movies. Going out or staying in and we love having movie marathon days too. Our last one was watching the Neverending Story movies. I think up next is Harry Potter.

Lisa said...

We Love to watch movies too. In fact we just watched "Gran Torino" this weekend and loved it. We haven't seen "Alice" because of your review, as well as a few other friends comments about it. As far as hating a movie that everyone loves ours was "Avatar", not that it was a bad movie, just didn't get why it got all the hype.