Sunday, April 4, 2010

what!? i love the gays!

[quiz: what movie is this blog title from?]

ok. so just in case you didnt know, our cat is a homosexual. here is his coming out debut. aka here are the reasons why:

1. he loves crafting. this includes yarn (his favorite!), fabric, paper crafts, pin cushions, thread, the sewing machine, fabric pencils, bobbins, etc

2. he loves hair. if i am doing my hair, he is sitting close by--watching me intently. he hears that blowdryer and he goes running (towards me, not away. its like the opposite effect of the vacuum). he also enjoys watching me brush or straighten my hair. i often catch him chasing around my hair bows as well (just the other day one ended up in his water dish...ugh)

[click on this picture to make it bigger. you will see him. i took this one morning when i was straightening my hair because he kept creeping up closer and closer behind me hahaha]

3. he loves makeup. as with hair, he will sit and watch me do my makeup every day with fascination. if it wasnt considered animal cruelty i would totally put some blush and mascara on him (umm...joke...but maybe nail polish on his remaining back claws?)

4. he is OBSESSED with josh. he loves him. josh will harass him and harass him [go to that link and WATCH THE VIDEO!!] and harass him and kitty won't even care. he'll get miffed and walk away for a bit but he'll be back in like 3 minutes. he sleeps next to josh every night, and cuddles with him every morning. i get lucky if jay-z even walks over to meow goodnight at me.

5. he loves chick flicks. proof is in the pudding:

so there you have it folks. i think this is enough evidence for now. we love our little gay cat ♥

(i had a craft explosion last night in our living room. jay-z was in heaven.)

[disclaimer: this post is in no way a "knock" to gay people. i have several gay friends and love them dearly. i also (gasp from the mormons) believe in gay rights. people shouldn't be withheld rights just because theyre viewed as 'ungodly' or 'unnatural' or whatever. anyways - i digress, i just want to make it clear that i dont judge, i just love my little gay cat♥]


Wonderland Papers said...

Such a cute post! I don't think my cat is gay but I do think that she's trying to make moves on my husband. I always catch making those flirty cat eyes at him.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ahhh I love this!!! Sooo cute.

Darci said...

He is gay. Really gay. And it makes me sad that he doesn't like me because I have always wanted a gay best friend.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh my gosh so funny. My aunt's dog is gay and is constantly trying to get my dog's attention. Except MY dog is straight... however, he wants our female cat.

It's very messed up.

Liv said...

Aren't animals funny?

Andhari said...

Lol love the picture with the chick flick. I wish our gay pets could help us dress like our gay friends :p

Kristine said...

I've had VERY similar suspicions about my cat! We should get them together, they just might hit it off... :)