Tuesday, April 6, 2010


so did you all have a lovely easter? we did! we went to josh's family's house. my brother-in-law is visiting for the week and so that was fun to see him!! the funny thing is that little lila kept getting scared and whenever she'd look at bj she would start crying, and then we would hold our arms out and she would come over to us and cry in our arms. it was adorable (in a sad way). here is josh with little lila, post-crying.

sooooo cute, right? her and josh have the sweetest little relationship too. she is his favorite (dont tell the other kids!) and we miiight just steal her one of these days ♥

lila is who i used to make the blog button for my shop (over there <<--------) and it is just beyond adorable. so you should take a button and put it on your blog (pretty please). [you just paste the code into an html widget.]

off to do homework now! hope you are having a great week so far♥


Juji said...

I look gross, but Lily is cute.

Liv said...

Love the cuddles. That was my Maddie dog last night. Just couldn't stay off my lap. She knows the end is near.