Thursday, April 8, 2010

birthday adventures and fun

so tonight we went out with josh's sisters family for my nephews birthday, and we went to a themed pizza place called pirate island. we went there for halloween this past year and found it to just be ok, but it seemed like a good place for kids. it's sort of a pirate-themed chucky cheese.

the only thing was my poor little niece heard the pirates voice go off, and lights start to flash, and made this little face...

which turned into this...

the poor thing was scared out of her mind by the lights and such. so i scooped her up and held her and it was so sad but she was absolutely adorable. then i waited for a bit and then had josh take a picture because she was so sweet [aka "i was exploiting her" in joshs terms]

she was so sweet i just wanted to bring her home ♥

here's the birthday boy, bj, and my little sunny bunny. of course the boys have their typical "paparazzi pose," good thing i'm training sunny to be on antm!

after dinner we went to the arcade and had fun playing games. a lot of them were shotty, but there were some fun ones. they had a shooting game that was set up in a pirate theme, and when you shot lit up targets little things would happen (ex. a bell ringing, a parrot squawking, a pirate raising his mug, etc).

afterwards bj came to our place and we had fun hanging out with friends and watching movies. we saw zombieland and now we're watching shooter. good thing i dont have classes tomorrow, huh?!


The Blairs said...

Those are some cute kids!

xoxoKrysten said...

Aw, cute pics!