Friday, February 5, 2010

sisters: a series, part iii

ok, so im doing this new series. and its titled sisters, after those friends you have that are so good theyre like sisters. well, boys can be like that too, but "brothers" instead of "sisters," of course. well, i never had any brothers growing up, much to my dismay. but then i married josh and i got a brother-in-law, which is almost as good.

so here is my bff/brother bj.

family picture!

juji and bj at our wedding

bj and my little sunny bunny
[stole some of these from sarahs blog]

hahaha. bj holding little griffin.

brothers. theyre cute.

story one: how we met
i liked josh. a lot. we became pretty good friends, [for that whole story, see this blog] and one time i borrowed josh's car. i think it was to move some of my stuff to my uncle's or something. i cant remember. anyways, i went over to his apartment and that is where i met bj. he was eating burger king. (weird that i remember that, huh?) we said hi to eachother and stuff and that was it; i walked off with joshs keys. i think the next time i saw him was when me and josh went to his apartment and watched family guy one time [i believe i got some sort of approval for liking the show haha]

story two: a certain quality
there is something about bj that makes everyone obsessed with him. i dont quite know what it is, but it is very true. maybe because he lives far away? so after he leaves from a visit everyone cries. all the kids are obsessed with him, and get out of control excited when he visits. they even wear special "holey jeans", just like uncle bj wears. its pretty cute. and--i wont lie, i am not outside this category of obsession. i always tell him he needs to move to utah, because we miss him.

story three: first time we really met
as in, actually got to know eachother. you see, when josh and i started dating i lived in maine. when i came back to utah in the fall, bj moved to florida. so i really had only seen him briefly like two times, and he was just the older brother of a love interest, ya know? anyways, it was christmas break 2007. josh and i were engaged, and after going home to maine, i got to fly out to alabama to spend time with josh and his grandparents (hi mok and pok!). we also got to hang out with bj! we went to church with him, hung out at his apartment, and went to the beach. i was worried he wouldnt like me because im not cool enough. but somehow i did something right because he approved :]

story four: why he is so awesome
bj is one of the coolest guys i have ever met. he is super laid back, likes good music, and finds fun games i would like playing on our ps3. [he was actually the one who i consulted when i first bought josh the ps3, as well as various games since then]. bj is always funny, witty, nice, and very easy to talk to. even though he comes off as a bad-A, he is actually very sweet and caring. he is the brother i always wanted and never had. he's always on my side and i know he has my back. now all i need is for him to move out here already!!

bj you are awesome and i love you! thanks for being the best brother ever!
ps: isnt he cute? i have his number, ladies... ha ha ha (and im not afraid to hand it out!)


Darci said...

Jeff wants him to move out here too.

Andhari said...

Uh yeah..really cute..

What's his take on asian girls?

Hahaha awkward.

angelina la dawn said...

i love stories!

Honeybee said...

I still have never met this kid and I sometimes think he is not real...I guess since you have pics with him he is legit. One day I would like a brother-in-law too! :)

special k said...

ah, sweet and caring...sounds pretty accurate for bj ;) his reputation precedes him. ha ha ha.
i'm pretty sure that obsession doesn't just come from him living so far away though- i've never seen someone be such a magnet to kids as those cute kids were to him even when he lived here...but i suppose its understandable. he is pretty awesome.

p.s. how in the world did you get so many pictures of him?! i've tried for years! impressive...