Thursday, February 11, 2010


i'm baaaack. i went to denver for the society of range management meeting. i went there for 5 days with my team from byu to participate in 2 competitions: plant id, and urme (undergraduate range management exam). i havent been to denver since i was eight years old, when we used to live there. it was fun to go back and see it all again. we stayed in the sheraton hotel, where the conference was held, and it was super nice. it involved a lot of studying and a little bit of mulling around.

monday morning was urme, and 209 students took the exam. tuesday morning was the plant id exam, and like 105 students took the exam. wednesday was the awards ceremony. byu placed first in urme! we placed 6th in plant id. i did ok. my score was just a couple points behind our urme coach, so i felt pretty good about it.

also, josh had his interview. he should know pretty soon i think. cross your fingers for him! also, if you know of any jobs, let us know. :]

it's good to be home!

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