Thursday, February 11, 2010

sisters: a series, part iv

in case you are new to the blog, i am doing a series on people that are such good friends that they are like a sister. this post is on my dear sister-in-law, sarah. this is josh's older sister, and she is awesome.

this was at sarah's baby shower i threw for her
[so yes, she's pregnant in this picture, but she still looks pretty]

sarah's family. yes, 4 kids. she is a mom

the whole fam. cute, huh?

sarah and little griffin. cuuuuuute.

story 1: when we met
the first time i went to josh's house with him (that one day when i invited myself over) i came in and his mom and sister were there. sarah was in her pajamas and she got super embarrassed and it was kind of funny because i didn't care at all. apparently later she said she thought i dressed cute. so i automatically liked her (if people like me or think im cute than i like them haha). also, everyone said they thought i looked like her. and since she's pretty, i concur.

story 2: why i look up to her
sarah is an awesome person and a great mother. she does so many things that i think are so cool, like using cloth diapers and eating non-processed foods, and is into homemade things. she supports me in my craftiness and is always nice about me making things, and she thinks im creative. and she likes doing a lot of 'green' things, like me. she loves kids and so whenever i have kids i need to take classes from her. thats how cool she is. {she's super smart about a LOT of things}. oh, and her kids are adorable and i love spoiling them.

story 3: confession
i liked sarah from day 1. but i have weird issues where i think that people dont like me (true story..). so everytime we would go over to see them i would always go "i dont know if they like me...does sarah like me?" josh would always go "ugh jess...yesssss she likes you!!!" i cant remember when i realized that she really did like me, but somehow sarah loves me. maybe because she always tells me i dress cute and nice stuff like that.

story 4: why i love sarah
sarah is not only super nice and supportive of me, but she is also really funny. she understands funny situations and will appreciate them with you. she likes funny tv and pop culture like we do, which is always fun to talk about. she always tells me im cute and stylish (brownie points!). she is really pretty and everyone thinks we are sisters. also, she loves project runway--just like me. and she taught her kids to call me "aunt jess," soooo cute. now she just needs to train them to say aunt properly, instead of saying ant jess. [i am not a bug!] anyways, i just love having an older sister who loves me for me, and who actually sticks up for me.

this picture is adorable in every way.
i love you sarah!!♥


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