Thursday, February 4, 2010

sisters: a series, part ii

in case you missed out, im doing a series on friends that are so good theyre like sisters. im featuring my "sisters," [in no particular order] in all their beautiful glory! todays post is on my dear friend, betsy.

betsy was a bridesmaid at my wedding. isnt she adorable?

betsy always looks good. always!

she's so good looking that she makes me look ugly. oh wait, no thats the pink thing in my hair causing that...nevermind.

she helped me cater my sisters wedding, cuz she is THAT nice!

story 1: how we met
i was a little sophomore, in 2006. i needed a job. i found one, applied, and got hired! i worked for byu admissions, mostly doing paperwork and data entry and whatnot. i sat at the front desk in the office, because somehow it was the only open desk. the cubicle right behind me belonged to this hottie of a lady, named betsy! believe me when i say we were the life of the office.

story 2: what we have in common
betsy is cool because she loves fashion and makeup, which i do too (regardless if my appearance ever reflects that). she also loves crafty things, like sewing and crocheting and such. and she is very hands-on, like me (she helped me plan my wedding, and she helped me to do all the catering for my sisters wedding, etc). oh, and we kind of look alike. after i visit her in her office sometimes people ask if we're sisters. and one time someone she worked with thought i was her. haha. oh, and we both LOVE candy! ok, me more than her, but she likes it too ♥

story 3: funny story about us
remember how i said we were the life of the office? sometimes, too much so. in fact, they enforced quiet time during work, but i dont think that was because of us and our laughing fits... at all... oh, and we had a deaf friend [w/hearing aids, not completely deaf] who worked next to betsy who liked us too. not only did she talk loud, but when she started laughing you could hear her on a different floor. when we all got laughing, it was like crazy town. quiet hours didnt stand a chance with us around...

story 4: why i love her
first, she is hottt. all my friends are pretty, remember? haha. but no really, when betsy is having one of her "ugly" days, its like me on my best day. however, she is so nice you can't hate her for it. betsy has been one of my friends for a long time, and she is always there for me. we cry together, laugh together, worked together, and are hot together. i can count on her for anything, including rides to my house from campus hahaha. also, she looks my age but she has a 7 year old daughter (happy birthday sweetie!!). you do the math :]



Darci said...

I love Betsy. I wish I was as nice as her. I don't think it is humanly possible for me though.

Elizabeth Marie said... cute!! This is such a good idea for a lil series.

I only have pretty friends too, hellooooo that's why I am forcing you to be my internet bff. :) haha

MiVidaAsi said...

what a wonderful peron- i love her already. the 4 times we've met.

LiLu said...

Awwww, you are so sweet! Love this.

Betsy said...

Bahahaha "quiet hours". Like they could really enforce that with us by each other. Haha, it was an office... Not the library!!!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE YOU!!!! You just made my day!!!! And I may have cried a little. Haha, what can I say... I'm a girl!

Liv said...

This is so sweet of you to do :)

Random: I know you're trying to be "healthy" so I'm telling you that Giada on the FoodNetwork just made sweet potatoes chips. Doesn't that sound healthy? Who cares if they were fried in olive oil?

yours truly dear said...

darci, dont be silly. and liz, love it. i accept your friend request hahaha. and i love you betsy!!

ps: liv...i'll take that recipe right about now :]