Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sisters: a series, part i

you know those best friends you have that are so close, you could call them a sister (or a brother)? ive been realizing i have a lot of those, and boy am i grateful!! especially since...well...yeah (you know, the susie situation). so i thought i would do a little series where i feature some of my "sisters" aka bffs.

starting [in no particular order] with... the infamous dorris

aww, at our wedding

the first time we went to vegas, we danced with beyonce. we are THAT cool.

saint george. we're doing our peace signs. pay no attention to the man in the background... (thats just her lover and my husbands bff)

reenacting scenes from the lion king, no biggie

more lion king pictures

story 1: how dorris got her nickname
one time darci [and jeff] were with us at brick oven with joshs parents. it was for joshs birthday. joshs dad called darci dorris, and it was funny. and we liked it, and now its her permanent nickname. its kinda cute, too :]

story 2: how we met
we really met because of joshua (you know, my husband). josh and jeff were roomates, and jeff and darci started dating the summer me and josh were long-distance dating (i was in maine). that was 2007. confused yet? haha. anyways, they all hung out here in utah all the time while i was over in maine, so i'd hear about them a lot. josh said darci was really cool, so i was kind of intimidated to meet her. apparently she'd heard the same about me, and felt the same towards me. then we met and it was like love at first sight.

story 3: what we do now
we hang out all the time and i always ask her to bring me food. thats how our relationship works. also, she has adopted me into her family so i know (and love) all her sisters. she taught me how to crochet, how to make fabric flowers, and all sorts of other crafty things. she is my partner for our new business [hopefully debuting this month!]

story 4: why i love her
darci is an awesome friend. she's always super nice and listens to me when i complain or im sad. i can ask or tell her anything. she brings me food a lot, and feeds into my fatty-ness. we like to eat a lot, its something we have in common. ♥ she's really pretty, which is basically a priority for my friendship. she is very crafty and fun. she likes good tv. she dresses cute. all in all, she is adorable and i love her. oh, and she's pregnant, which means i get to adore her baby and be the best aunt ever ♥

thanks for being my friend/sister, dorris!!! xoxo


Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww friends like this are the best! Ya'll are so cute!!

Darci said...

At least I don't look like poop on a stick in all the pics. Love you! Oh and you forgot that we are so close that we can fart in front of each other and it is totally cool. Oh and that we are really good at pranks with our husbands...we need to plan some more by the way...
I am glad that you are my sister. Having 3 others just wasn't enough. 4 really completes the equation.

Jen said...

I totally love hearing about all the pranks you guys do to that one person (wink, wink) which I haven't heard any stories about it for awhile. tehehehe

Amy Eagleston said...

Darci is pretty cool. I am glad she is my sister or I probably wouldn't be cool enough to be her friend.

MiVidaAsi said...