Sunday, January 31, 2010

are you watching the grammys too?

do you have a spool holder thingy? like this purty one?

i want one!! this is from elsie's studio (over at a beautiful mess). my mom has one too. im jealous. i have to hide my thread, otherwise jay-z will have the whole spool unraveled across our entire 1,000 square foot apartment. same with bobbins, pin cushions, yarn, fabric scraps, etc. as you can tell, all of the above have happened. [one time, he came out in the living room with a huge wad of black thread hanging out of his mouth. i shrieked, and then ran over and pulled it all out of his mouth. then i opened his mouth to make sure there wasnt more stuck in there. the whole time josh was shouting "you are so mean! i'm sorry kitty! stop hurting him! he just wants to play with some crafts! he cant help it that he's gay!! nooooooooo!!" etc etc] anyways, jay-z is so cute, i guess i'll forgive him...

jay-z lounging with me while i'm on my computer. cute, no?

also, i have a confession... i broke down and ate a lot of candy. oops. i went to the store to buy tortilla chips so we could have taco salad tonight, and i sort of walked past the valentines aisle...on mistake... (ok! it was on purpose! dont tell anyone!!)

oops. notice this rubbish is on my agenda, with stuff i have to do written in it? that i should be doing instead of blogging about nothing? im sorry, schoolwork! i just hate you!!

k, enough stalling. not like the grammys are distracting or anything haha. btw, i love beyonce! ♥ did you see her?? hot hot hot!! happy sunday, lovers!


angelina la dawn said...

yeah, my mom has a spool rack and i've been wanting one for years. but after seeing this photo i've decided i need one NOW!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi lovebug! I want Jay Z and Beyonce to adopt me. I am so obsessed with them. She is my favorite...look how creepy I am!!!

Andhari said...

I love Beyonce. She looks super fierce and happy too. Liz is right, I also wanna be adopted by Jay-z and Beyonce. Then I'll release an album myself under Def Jam :p haha :p