Saturday, January 30, 2010

dorris's birthday bash

first of all, and completely unrelated, here is a daily picture of jay-z. isnt he adorable?? you cant deny it! he loves it when we take the sheets off the bed to wash them. he gets so excited and plays on the pillow top for hours. its sooooooooo cute.

ok, now that i have that out of my system...

tonight we celebrated our bff darci's (aka dorris') birthday. she turns 22 next weekend, but we will be in denver (me for a plant competition, and josh for a job interview--wish us luck!!). so we celebrated tonight. first we went to noodles and co. which is delicious. if you have never been, you need to go! here is a website that you sign up with your email to get a buy 1 get 1 free meal instantly, and a free meal on your birthday. [youre welcome].

then we went to trafalga, which is like a local fun-center/arcade place. we played mini golf. i got first place of course. umm ok...i got last place. whaturr! we played some arcade games and had dippin' dots. yummmm, remember those? scrumptious. josh also had to play deal or no deal, the "double deal" for 400 tickets! we didnt get the 400 tickets, but we DID get 150! hollaaa. there was a sweet little girl that was almost crying to her mom because she hadnt really won anything, so josh went over and gave her the 150 tickets. she had the sweetest face, it was so cute! it was like instant happiness. ♥

thennnnn, we went home to play a game. RISK, to be exact, a game i have been adamently against since before josh brought it home from his parents'. i got over myself though, and we played.

[this cool photo site turned my picture into a painting--to shade my ugliness]

josh didnt want to be in the picture...rude!

jeff wasnt really paying attention to the fact i was taking a picture. oh well.

darci was winning near the end. well, she was winning for a lot of the game, but whaturr.

the end of the last round. darci is green. i am yellow... we are the only two left

my final yellow piece. i had to document it, because it was so sad. however, i had already stated earlier that if darci won, i won (and vice versa). so basically, i won risk tonight. [and so did the birthday girl, i guess...].



Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

1. Your blog looks sooooo Jess now!!! I LOVE IT! 2. I didn't know you had a cat! 3. I haven't played RISK in FOREVER!!! 4. Don't you just love Blog Frog!!! : ) kg

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

good luck in denver. wait! i don't want you to move away. :/

Gemma Louise said...

firstly your cat is adorable :)

secondly, good luck!

thirdly, your day sound just perfect. though the last time i played mini golf was when I was like 5. and I've never played risk, because I just don't understand it. and you are no way near ugly!

Happy birthday dorris, what an awesome name :) x

Darci said...

Yay for birthdays! I love you too. It was fun...especially since we won. We beat the boys @ everything :)