Friday, January 29, 2010

good things come in...4s?

4 shows i like to watch:
-project runway (love it, wish i was talented so i could be on it!)
-bad girls club (addicting, admit it!)
-jersey shore, and all the spinoffs. this one is hilariously cute.
-americas next top model (someday you will see me on this show, i can just feel it)

4 things im passionate about:
-water (hydrology, water conservation, etc)
-josh, our families, and our pets ♥

4 words or phrases i say a lot:
-"love it"
-"that is cute"
-"rude"--i think this one is quite common in our circle of friends haha
-"you dont know me!!" ha ha ha

4 things i've learned from the past:
-everything happens for a reason
-buy good deodorant so you dont have to worry about smelling (since i dont have a sense of smell, this information is key in my life...haha)
-when you treat people nice you actually feel better about yourself
-people love you. always.

4 places i would love to go:
-egypt--i've wanted to go since the 3rd grade when i learned about it (and became obsessed with it for several years)
-hawaii. never been. now if only someone would pay for me...
-china. particularly the great wall of china

4 things i did yesterday:
-woke up freakishly early to go TA a lab
-went to classes
-played with jeff and dorris and ate pizza and watched project runway

4 things i'm looking forward to:
-turning 23, because i feel like i am already and it always confuses me.
-graduating!!! finally!
-josh getting a job, and starting mine and darci's business
-getting a house. and a dog.

4 things i love about winter:
umm ew... i hate winter (but if i were forced to answer i would say: boots, sweaters, warm cars, and hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff)

4 things on my wish list:
-these boots, size 8
-these gifts labels are pretty awesome
-a shopping spree to forever 21
-world peace. not possible? oh, i'll take a house instead :]

4 people i tag:
-livia because we've been blog buddies 4eveh!
-sarah, my sister-in-law, cuz she is awesome and likes blogging [almost] as much as i do
-angelina la dawn tomato because she is cool and we're basically e-twins
-ashley cuz she's funny and has the cutest baby evurrr


Andhari said...

Omg you'll be on ANTM? I'll be so prouuuuudddd :) I'll watch it and live tweet everything that's for sure haha :)

Dallin and Ashley said...

I will personally make sure you get on ANTM!!!!!!! And yes, my baby is the freakin cutest!