Thursday, January 28, 2010

switching it up, getting carded, and house-buying wishes!

i switched up the blog a little bit. do you like it? i wanted to have it be 3 columns but i didn't know how to do that and still have a background [and not lose all my widgets]. if anyone wants to do all of the above for free, that would be awesome haha. until then, this is how it's gonna be! unless i change my mind later tonight or tomorrow and then you'll just have to be surprised.

now, did you know that they CARD you for buying dayquil!? i finally bought some this morning (6:30am...ew) and i was in self checkout, and all of a sudden the screen tells me to show my id to an attendant. i was like what in the world!? yeah, they card you. the attendant man said they usually just give it to you if you look old enough, but it pops up on the self checkout (obviously). now, i dont really understand the reasoning behind dayquil-carding. will dayquil make you high if you take too many? can you make meth or something out of it?? getting carded will not stop you from doing any of those things if you are over 18. it seems kind of pointless to me, unless if you are above 18 you are therefore allowed to get high and make meth. is that what theyre trying to say?

also, i want a house. rent here is just as high as if we had a house. and i think our crazy landlord is ripping us off. i havent seen the gas bill since august '08, and so i sort of thought [read: hoped] that it didnt apply to us anymore. a year and a half later, all of a sudden it's sprung upon us. want to know how much it is?? $611.60!!!! and our landlord expects that to be paid in full with february's rent check! i mean, if that was said to me like 2 or 3 years ago i honestly wouldn't be able to pay it, considering our rent is a bit higher than that bill. luckily we have [some minimal] savings, and we just filed our taxes so we wont have to starve. but good grief!!! has your landlord ever done anything like that!?

hopefully josh will get this job that he'll be interviewing for in a couple weeks (pray for him!) and then we'll be able to save money and buy a house. wouldnt that be lovely? we can all dream, right?


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

i likey the new look.

special k said...

i like the new look :)
and also...I'm pretty sure thats illegal for your landlord to do that. there is a place in the city office building (possibly called 'fair housing', i cant remember) that protects renters from crooked landlords doing stuff like that. you should look into that, cus thats outrageous!
i hope everything works out :)

Andhari said...

I like the whole green layout, I'm sure you can browse sites like or if you want three columns layout which is pretty easy to install :)

I'm sure you can buy a house sooner than you think and hey, getting carded means you look younger. I'll always take it as a compliment.

Kimberly said...

Your daddy got carded for buying day-quil. Go figure! HaHaHa
Love the new look. :)

Liv said...

yes, getting carded for cough meds is hilarious. happened when i bought kev dayquil last week. i laughed.

i just found a great house in ogden you could buy. my friend bri just listed it and it's SO CUTE. only $140,000! i tried to talk kev into buying it since we're sick to death of remodeling the pink house.

Jen said...

Didn't your douche-bag landlord do that to you guys last summer? I don't like him.