Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hello, friends!

thanks for all your nice comments. i can assure you my [mental] health is ok. for physical health? the cold is still going strong. it was all i could do to get through teaching my lab this afternoon. i dont even want to think about my lab tomorrow at 7am!

in recent news, i got a formspring thingy. its on my sidebar, just scroll down to the box. you can ask or tell me anything you would like, and its completely anonymous. if i get a good response, i may do "formspring post," like a Q and A, otherwise i will just answer them on my formspring page. it could be cool, we shall see.

also, did everyone see serena win last night?? she made the best comeback ever, it was pretty cool. tonight is the semi-finals...GO SERENA!! you all better be rooting for her!

and if you missed my last post, i will be doing a giveaway when [if i ever] reach 50 followers!! have at it! ♥


Andhari said...

Formspring is fun, I'll do a few questions and hope they cheer you up a bit to play with. Have a good rest today!:)

Darci said...

hahah I am the one who said the wtf question...i am funny

Liv said...

how is it that i wasn't already a google follower of your blog? duh. i just did it today!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I've been debating about formspring...all the cool kids are doing it! :)