Sunday, December 20, 2009

how we met.. cute, right?

i cant remember if i ever wrote this story. maybe? i tried to look back through my oldest posts and i didnt see anything. so if ive wrote about this before, i apologize. just read it anyways, cuz you like me :] also, its long. sorry again...

ok, it was january 2007. i went to my first class of Range Management. borrrring. i came in a little late because my previous class was far away. my friend sarah was in this class so i looked around for her, but she was already sitting by other people. there was a chair open by this really cute boy, so i sat by him and briefly introduced myself. his name was joshua. he was from florida.

for the next few classes i kept coming in a little late and therefore kept sitting next to him. he wasnt super talkative so part of me figured he wasnt into me. eventually i got to class early and sat by my friend sarah. we got in the habit of sitting by eachother in the third row, so there was always a seat saved for me (next to sarah). even though i wasnt sitting by josh, i would try to find random reasons to talk to him. one time i said, "i heard they're having really bad weather in florida!" and he was like "umm...yeah. i heard that too." (true story).

finally, in late february, josh came in a little late and people were sitting where he normally sat. he looked around like "ugh...what now?" and i siezed the opportunity! i called him over to come sit by me. success. i decided to be gutsy and ask him out. but not too gutsy, since i asked him via a note in class haha.

(i had to black out his phone #, probably wouldnt have appreciated that being on the internet..)

again, success. josh answered all the questions correctly, and we planned to go on our first date.

i think it might have been that weekend or the next week, i cant remember, but we went to coldstone for our first date. it was awesome. we got along extremely well, it seemed like we had known eachother for years. i even heard a guy the table over say something along the lines of "look at the rapport between those two!"

after our date we would text message occasionally, and see eachother in class. we'd always be writing silly notes to eachother or doodling. we were a riot, and us combined with sarah made that class.
sarah took this goofy pic of us in class

so, the rest of the semester went along. josh and i became pretty good friends. the only problem was that josh never asked me back out. one time we walked down to j-dawgs together to get hotdogs, and josh claims he paid for it, but it was by no means a date. after about a month of this "just friends" business, i figured that was all that josh wanted. to just be friends. i still really liked him, but he never asked me out!

so, around my birthday (march 23, write it in your calenders!) this boy from my church asked me out. i said sure. lets call him 'Ross'*. so ross took me out on a picnic and had everything made and planned out and it was pretty cute. he kept asking me out and we hung out a lot, so we became bf/gf. ross was ok, although i really should have known from the beginning it wouldnt work out. first of all, he was from texas. ew. second, he wasnt as laid back as me, which was awkward sometimes. there were other things too. but ultimately, we had nothing in common.

me and "ross" at a friends party
(i had my foot up on my seat which is why my knee is right there and weird looking)

sometime near the middle of april i was joking around with josh in class by pointing out girls he should date. to which he kept replying "ew...not my type". i was still dating ross, and at this point i still thought josh had zero interest in me. finally i asked "what is your type!?!" and then his response typified me. i was so bugged!!

fast forward to finals week, the end of april (i believe). ross and i had been dating for a month. during one of my last range management classes i told josh i wanted to go to his house and see his dog. we had always talked about it during the semester, that i loved dogs--and that his parents lived in pleasant grove and his dog Hunter was there. so umm yeah...i invited myself over to his house to meet his parents and see his dog and everything. [while i was still dating ross...]

the saturday of that week we went to pleasant grove, i met his parents and his sister, and played with hunter. after we left we decided to go see a movie, so we went and saw some horrible dud of a movie. then we went to get food, and then went back to his apartment. we ate and watched family guy with his roomates. BASICALLY, it was an all-day ordeal. [months later josh's mother confessed she knew from that day on that me and josh would get married. crazy, huh?]

i had conversations afterwards with some of my best friends, saying how i liked josh so much and how i was just dating ross cuz he was nice to me and stuff, and what in the world should i do!?! to which my wise bff replied, "i didnt want to tell you this before but you and josh are perfect for eachother, and with ross* its like an element of your personality is missing."

long story short, i broke up with ross the next day. josh and i started texting, and i went home to maine for the summer. i came to utah in late may and went on a camping trip with josh and two of my bffs. there, i asked josh to be my boyfriend. it was done in a silly/corny way, but the words were spoken. we were together ♥

camping, may 2007

*name has been changed and eyes have been blacked out for ex-bf's privacy. we havent exactly spoken since i broke up with him..


Honeybee said...

:) I really love that you knew what you wanted and you went for it. I think we are so similar in that way. I just haven't gotten the guts to do what you have done...or found the right guy for that matter. When I think of you and Josh it makes me so happy! :)

Liv said...

For real, when you find the right person, you have to go for it!

Being direct is so much better than playing games. I loved reading your story!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

i love this...almost as much as i love you. and it didn't feel long at all. i was too engrossed in your story to notice.

p.s. never throw those old notes out!

MiVidaAsi said...

I was there for this!..*looks at the man with the eyes marked out*..And that. good choice.

homegrown said...

Hi Jess! I just saw your comment today on Brooke's (Inchmark) blog and was excited to see your blog and that you and Josh got married! Congratulations!
It's great to see you two are doing well! Have a great day.

yours truly dear said...

haha love you all, and all your comments made me smile. and hello, tess! haha :]

Rachel said...

That is such a sweet cute story!!