Saturday, November 7, 2009

letters: a series, part iv

dear ice cream,

i hate you. i love you, but i hate what you do to me. yes, josh warned me you would make me sick. but after this awful week of being quarantined, i wanted you. badly. so i ate you. then i woke up at 5:30am and had a 3 hour stomach ache. tmi? oh well.

rudely yours,
upset stomach

dear neighbors,

hopefully you dont read my blog. please stop vacuuming or sanding or WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING!!!! it's like that one time when you vacuumed 3 days straight. no joke. thats not consididate...not consididate at ALL! shoot!

my inner tracy

dear juji,

thanks for cleaning the whole apartment yesterday so our friends could come over last night without the risk of getting sick. also, thanks for just telling me, " havent done your hair all week." appreciate that reminder...

love ya,
your hott bed-headed wifey

dear sickness,

its been a fun week getting to know eachother. just lovely. hope you liked all that gatorade and cough drops and dayquil. i got it on sale. you're welcome.

i'll be kicking you to the curb soon enough.

my aching body


Liz Canaan Roberts said...

dear jeff,

i'm so sorry you were sickly. thanks for not visiting me and getting me sick. but i do so miss you and your bed head.

love & kisses,


Andhari said...

LOL "you haven't done your head all week". Does it mean you'll be treated to salon and spa after this? Better be :)

And ice cream is mean. Sooooo yummmyyy though :p

yours truly dear said...

thanks chucky. i do need to come see the bebe, oh and you guys too. haha. im making my debut back into the world tomorrow...but i kind of dont want to...haha :]

and andhari, i wish i had extra money for the salon/spa...want to send some my way? haha