Friday, November 6, 2009

this is what quarantine looks like

now, if anyone knows my husband, you will know that he has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). so this week, being the sickling that i am, he has been going crazy. his two most common lines this week have been, "stop breathing," and "cover your cough with more layers! it's escaping!"

i have to wear a scarf around my face, which who knows if that even works. right now it's in the wash, so im tormenting josh by not wearing anything, and just coughing into my shirt [cue "cover your cough with more layers!!"]

i look like a bandit. but really, im just sick, and this is my punishment. the bottle of lysol is getting more use than any item in our apt currently. every day josh opens the window in our room and sprays the entire thing down. today he has gone on a rampage and has lysoled/cloroxed our whole apartment. so everyone is allowed to come over and you wont get sick. so come bring me food, thanks :]

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Andhari said...

I hope he's taking care of you really well too. He should bring home lots of good food so you can get healthy soon and don't have to cover your mouth and nose anymore..:)