Sunday, November 8, 2009

big basket of random

i ALMOST forgot to post today! phew. so here i am, hollaaaaaaa.

a shout out to my friend liv, who is and basically did a whole post about me. i ended up getting that heart necklace, and i love it. you should really check out her shop.

now, here is a question for all readers out there (if i have any, that is). twitter for. i joined, mostly so i could follow people like paris hilton and kathy griffin. but i dont get how to talk to other people on it. i dont know how to get friends on it, or whatever. or what i should use it for.

here is mine: yourstrulydear
not that i know how to use it. it's kind of embarassing actually... so umm yeah.

let me know your views on twitter. some people are successful with it, but who knows how...

too bad the weekend's over. peace and blessings, peace and blessings.

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Liv said...

I'm thisclose to just deleting my twitter. I like it most days, but hate it others.

I think I mostly like that I can update my facebook with it.

If you want to talk to other tweeters, you just put @ in front of their name. So I'd tweet you by typing @yourstrulydear followed by my msg. It's pretty simple once you play around with it.