Tuesday, July 17, 2012

miracle of the week

remember my post about student loans? well our next loan we have to pay off is my hospital bill from that stupid kidney stone (that happened TWO YEARS AGO! ahhhh). over the weekend i was thinking about it and started wondering if they did a lowered payoff amount (like pay 90% of the total if you pay it all off now, for example). so yesterday morning i called the hospital billing office and asked them if they have anything like that. sadly, they did not. but the lady in the billing office started looking at my bill and said "oh, your insurance didn't pay any of this..." and i said, "no, they were terrible!". she looked into my bill further and then told me, "your insurance didn't apply any discounts at all to this bill. if that happens, the hospital can actually apply discounts to the bill. let me see what i can do..."

basically, this amazing lady was able to save us almost 70% off of our remaining balance. WHOAAAA. i was so happy i was beside myself. i kept saying thank you a billion times, and told her how this lifted such a burden from us. because, well, we aren't talking about a $500 bill, or a $2000 bill... it was [unfortunately] much more than that.

so today we called and paid off that bill, and it felt awesome. now we just have two more student loans and then we are DEBT FREE (not including our mortgage). uhhhhh-mazing! granted they are our largest/most expensive loans (we're doing the "snowball plan" a la dave ramsey), but just the fact that there are only two left seems so much more attainable.
the end is in sight. henry, someday i will be able to stay home and play with you all day!! in the meantime folks, henry is accepting donations for the cause ;)

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Jennifer Ricks said...

Wow, that is so great! You should write Dave your success story. I'm such a Ramsey fan too!