Monday, July 23, 2012

diy: filing cabinet makeover

i have been wanting a filing cabinet since forever. well, since i started filing things.... so for the past 2 or 3 years. the problem is that filing cabinets are freakishly expensive. who knows why, but they are. everytime i go to ikea i get tempted to buy one from there, but their smallest and simplest one is like $70. tragic, right?

which is why i was so stoked to find this filing cabinet on this facebook group thats like a yardsale for our city. and best of all? it was FOR FREE! whaaaa?! yes, i was excited. i haven't done any big projects in a while, and i thought it seemed simple enough. i perused the beloved pinterest for some tips on spray painting metal, and went to work. here's the project in pictures:

the before

the supplies: 
-rustoleum primer
-krylon in blue ocean breeze and in black
-all purpose sanding sponge
-plastic drop cloth
-[not shown] surgical mask that probably didn't do anything, but made me feel better

i sanded the drawers and the main frame. there was some rust, and old crappy (probably lead-based!) paint

primed the main frame

primed the drawers

voila! ocean dreamy

the finished product! all at home in my office space :)
i am so happy that i now have my very own filing cabinet, and that it's personalized. it also cost me less than 20 bucks total. i couldn't be more pleased :) have you guys done any fun spray-painting projects lately?


Honeybee said...

Love! I'm doing some patio furniture right now. Big items are kind of expensive when using spray paint...but I love the finised product so much better than regular paint!

Phillip said...

I really love the color your chose to paint the file cabinet. I think it really spiced up your desking area! I actually have a couple new vertical file cabinets in my garage. I still might give them a face lift though!