Saturday, August 4, 2012

make me up!

i always like seeing what kind of makeup other people use, so i figured i would post my every day essentials for makeup so you can have a peek. and just as a disclaimer: i'm suuuuper picky about makeup. so this is a list that has been refined very well over the past decade:

i think i've blogged about this before, but that's because it is SO AMAZING! it's my gold in a bottle.
seriously the best moisturizer i've ever tried (and i've tried a lot!). we're bff.
clinique acne solutions (in fresh ivory)
i love this foundation. as some of you may know, i have acne (it used to be a lot worse!). finding this foundation was a lifesaver for me. it helps my skin to be clearer, and prevents future breakouts.
past foundations i've worn make me feel like i'm probably making my acne worse, but this has the opposite effect. if you struggle with acne, i highly recommend this!

i wear this over my foundation to even out my skin tone, cover blemishes, and give me a more finished look.
i like a more full coverage, so this extra layer of powder does just the trick. 
i've tried a lot of different mineral makeup, and this is definitely my favorite.

i know i've blogged about this before. i was on the quest for the perfect mascara for about 4 or 5 years before i found this. now it is my staple. there's nothing else to say about it except it is perfection.

MAC powder blush (in peachtwist)
love this color. it's perfect year round too--on fair skin or tan skin.
(i prefer powder to cream blush...that's just too annoying for me to deal with..)

i'm super picky about eyeliner (of course), and like everything else i've tried a lot of different kinds/brands to find the perfect go-to liner.
this goes on smooth and stays smudge-free all day long. easy peasy :)

keeps those pesky eyebrows in their place all day long.
this gel's got your back (or your unibrow...?)

as you may be able to tell, i love makeup. i don't wear eye shadow super often, but i will for special occasions or when i have a lot of extra time to get ready (which doesn't happen that frequently..). almost all my eye shadow is MAC, and the rest is Ulta. i love bright colors, but try to keep it under control ;)

do you wear makeup? what are your favorite makeup essentials?

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Rachel Hatch said...

my new favorite brand I got a bunch of products from at Sephora is Urban Decay. I got their face primer, their eye primer, won a spray that makes your face not oily and sets the makeup, and something else but i don't remember. anyway I love that it stays all day!!