Tuesday, August 7, 2012

switch it up: hair-do

i'm bored with my hair. i was just telling josh that my hair hasn't been this tame since highschool... also, i have wanted purple hair for years! i've had purple extensions before and i LOVED them, but of course extensions aren't permanent :/  while browsing on pinterest for hair beauty, i found the following styles that i am lusting after. (and because i'm lazy, all sources can be found on my hair and beauty pinterest page)

i am in LOVE with this hair and want it so bad!!


that's a lot of hair!

i'm thinking of doing something like this, but in purple

i like the little shaved portion, but i'd probably end up hating it

i think everything about this girl is gorgeous
what do you think? do you hate them all? love them all? i wish i could rotate through each of these throughout the next year. that would be awesome. if only i had magical powers and could make that happen...!

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