Friday, July 13, 2012

putting pinterest to work

i remembered this pin i posted to my organization board on pinterest, which comes from this site. i've been thinking about organizing our medicine cabinet for a while, and i've been in a project-y mood lately, so i made a pass in the storage bin aisle at walmart today. i wish i had taken a before picture of our medicine cabinet, because it was a hot mess. i know this isn't an extremely riveting blog post, but i love organization ideas, so i thought this might give other organization-nerds an idea or two. also, i got to whip out my label maker :)

stomach stuff in a box, pain/first aid stuff in a box, our daily meds out (vitamins, etc), and cold/flu/allergy stuff in a box

happy organizing! also, i have a [potentially] awesome project in the works, so i will post about that soon. to see my pinterest organization board, click here. if you have an organization board, leave the link so i can check it out!! :)

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