Sunday, July 8, 2012

vacation, part 2

first time in the pool!
see part one of the vacation here. this vacation was the first time we took henry in a pool. he got him all decked out with swim diapers, a swimsuit, and adorable sunglasses that have the band around his head so they stay on. he looked STUDLY. :) the first time we took him in (pictured above), he wasn't really sure what to make of it all. he liked looking around though, and he occasionally kicked in the water. the second time we took him in (pictured below), he had warmed up to the idea a lot more, and actually enjoyed himself!

swimming with grammy!

playing with the grandparents

bonding, pool style

i loved getting to play with my baby in the pool!

he was definitely more interested in the squirt gun..

what a cool dude!

we were on vacation during the 4th of july. Mimi had gotten Henry a cute onesie, and we happened to have matching shorts. so we did an impromptu, patriotic, photoshoot:

"my first 4th!"

sorry this one is sideways...oops!
we had a really fun time on the vacation, and it was SO NICE just to relax and be away from work. we also ate a lot, played a lot (card games, anyone?), and even fit in playing tennis (turns out i'm still terrible at it). thanks to my parents for inviting us on such a fun vacation! it was great :D

ps: i will be blogging basically this same thing on Henry's blog (since someday i am going to make a book out of his blog), but will include a few more pictures, and some movies over there. just FYI :)

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Liv said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Also, love your floppy hat.