Sunday, July 8, 2012

vacation, part 1

this past week we went on vacation with my family in mesquite, nevada. mesquite is not that far to drive to, and more baby friendly than somewhere else like vegas. we had a very fun and relaxing time, and it was good to see my family.

on monday we went to vegas and went to the shark reef aquarium at mandalay bay. we bought an umbrella stroller for the trip and it was his first time cruising around in it. he had a blast! 

"i'm ready to go in, folks!!"

"lets get this show on the road!"

my dad was pushing him around, and henry was loving looking around

staring intently at the fishies

getting pushed around in style

then we were walking around vegas afterwards, and henry LOVED looking around at all the people and things going on. he loved it so much that he didn't even take his afternoon nap.

"bright lights! crazy people! yayyyy!"

by the end of the day he was getting kind of pooped, but he slept well on the ride back to the hotel.
while my dad took henry home, the rest of us stayed in vegas to go to the jubilee show. one of my sisters friends from back home is in the show and it was great to meet up with her again.

ready for the show!

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