Friday, March 16, 2012

if i were rich: jeffrey campbell edition

i haven't done an "if i were rich" post in a while, so i thought it would be appropriate to do one with my current obsession: jeffrey campbell. his shoes are to die for, and i would love to wear any of them. here are some of my favorites:

link. i think they're sold out of this color now, which is a huge shame!


there are also tons of other awesome ones like this, but i couldn't get the pictures to save. anyways, aren't they glorious? i'm seriously in love. if anyone wants to buy me every single pair of these, my shoe size is an 8 ;)


Mandi said...

I can't even begin to express my love for Jeffrey Campbell! So innovative.

Emelro said...

i love allll of them!!!

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

glorious indeed.

i love the pointy ones. oh, and the strappy ones. and the teal...

can i be rich too?