Sunday, March 11, 2012

first week back (boo)

this past week was my first week back at work... it was kind of tough, but went alright. monday was the worst, and when we dropped henry off i was BAWLING. i may have even been hyperventilating a little bit in the car, and i definitely got so worked up that somehow i got a bloody nose too. basically, i was a hot mess.

thankfully we have henry in the BEST of hands during the day, which is a huge peace of mind. plus Sarah is totally cool with me texting her all the time and asking how henry is [hopefully she won't get tired of that....haha]. apparently all the cousins love on henry all the time, which is super sweet too. when we drop him off in the morning (at 6:15am!), griffin is always there with sarah to greet us, and sometimes lila is too. and when i pick him up at the end of the day they always say "byeeee henwyyyy!" at least 5 times before i leave. so adorable :)

another thing that is helping is that i'm actually good at my job, so everyone missed me. and now that i'm back they all tell me how much they missed me and how awesome i am and stuff, which is a big self-confidence booster ;) haha. of course, i also have a picture of henry as my desktop background, and i look at it all the time and smile. and i show everyone who comes into my office his picture, because he's so cute i just can't help it!

it's definitely a big adjustment, and i've had a meltdown or two, but i'm pretty sure i'm going to survive. plus it will be nice to see those bills keep going down, down, down! [imagine rant about student loans and how college is basically a sham, etc, because now is not the time or place to get into that. maybe another day... ;)]. if you're getting a hankering to see little henry and all his dazzling accomplishments, check out his blog.

also, thank you to everyone who has sent me sweet messages and emails and encouragement this week about going back to work. i really appreciate it ♥


Emelro said...

you're awesome! and so strong. you can do it (duh, you have). haha

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ah I can't even imagine how hard leaving must be! I don't even like leaving my pup at home!