Tuesday, March 27, 2012

birthday fun

hi! this past weekend was really fun. it was my birthday on friday, and my mom came up to visit. yes, it was mostly to see henry, but she was nice enough to pretend it was kind of for my birthday too ;) we went to macaroni grill for my birthday dinner, where i stuffed myself with bread and cake! it was delicious.

saturday my mom and i went to a craft fair, and then we all went out to lunch with my grandma, aunt, and cousin. i forgot to take pictures...oops. basically all weekend long i was obsessed with playing with my new toy--josh got me an ipod touch for my birthday! i was not expecting it at all, and i was so excited! its basically like having a mini ipad :)

sunday we went to joshs parents to continue the birthday celebrations. this was the only time i remembered to take pictures...haha. our friends jeff and darci (and mona), and emily and dave were there too! it was a blast. :)

mona giving henry some love ♥

she wanted to get a better angle to see "baby henny"

they're pretty much bff

cuddle time with aunt dorris!

thanks emily for this pic. birthday cookieeee!

thank you to everyone for all the messages, texts, and love i received during my birthday weekend! i guess being 25 won't be too terrible haha. bring it on!!