Monday, December 5, 2011

whats going on these days...

i got this idea from my girl paige. i always like filling out these fun little survey-type snippets. let me know if you fill this out! :)

obsessing over:
my brown boots i just bought a few weeks ago from Ross. i plan my outfits around them, and basically wear them everytime i go out of the house these days. i'm pretty sure josh is sick of them, but he deals ;)

(side note: josh makes me bounce on that red exercise ball to get henry to drop. he'll tell me to go sit on it, and if i'm not bouncing he will come over like he's going to hug me, and then just pushes me down so i bounce haha. what a tease!)

working on: getting ready for henry! i made a set of burp clothes the other day, and i still have a few more things to make before he gets here. the problem is i'm so tired/lazy/whale-like when i get home from work it feels like all i can do is veg in front of the tv!

thinking about: the rice crispy treats i just made that are sitting on the counter. and how even though i just had one, i want to eat about 5 more. it may happen, even though its basically my bedtime right now... ahhh, consequences!

anticipating: so many things. mostly henry (duh), but also christmas, christmas vacation, christmas treats, and oh yeah... henry!

listening to: right now chelsea lately is on. as far as music, the only time i really listen to music anymore is in the car, and i listen to the alternative rock station. my ipod is ghetto and decided it doesn't like working anymore, so that option is out :/

drinking: ice water. thats mostly what i drink these days. i was on a blue gatorade kick for a while, but then when i was sick this past week i barfed and i had been drinking a lot of blue gatorade... and yeah... i'm sort of off that kick now. i do still love me some sprite or berry 7-up though!

wishing: it was christmas vacation already!! oh, and that henry will come soon :) but maybe not tooo soon, since i havent packed a hospital bag yet... maybe i should get around to doing that one of these days!

[[confession/update - in the writing of this post i have consumed 3 rice crispy treats. don't judge. they are delicious!]]


Honeybee said...

you best pack that hospital bag. We need you looking fab when you come home. I am so excited too! :)

dallinp said...

Yeah go pack that bag asap! You never know when you will need to randomly call someone to go get it! LOL!

We will be out for Christmas and I hope Henry is there before we leave so I can meet this little angel boy!