Saturday, December 3, 2011

36 weeks

36 weeks today! henry will be fully developed by next week (everything is all cooked by 37 weeks), so after next week i'll be ready for the little guy!! well, now that i have that in written form it seems incredibly daunting and i still feel totally clueless... i have to keep reminding myself that if underage hillbillies (ie "16 and pregnant") can do it, so can i. right...? haha

this week my doctors appointment went great. everything is measuring perfect and we got to hear his strong little heartbeat. i've gained 33 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. its pretty much all in my belly, so things are getting kind of uncomfortable haha. henry is definitely running out of room!

this week has been mostly focused on me getting better. who knew a cold could wreak so much havoc!? also, i've slowly but surely been losing my mind. and by slowly i actually mean at an alarming pace! today i left to go grocery shopping and didn't bring my phone or a jacket. i'm lucky i even brought my wallet! there are lots of other examples, but the bottom line is i'm getting pretty dumb.

it's been fun to see peoples guesses for when they think henry will arrive, so keep em coming! :)

ps: this is mostly for my parents [or any rich strangers], but here is my wishlist on pinterest. can you believe it's december already!? i've even allowed josh to start playing christmas music. cuckoo!

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