Tuesday, November 29, 2011

35ish weeks, and take a guess!

for the sake of memory preservation, i had josh take a picture of me last night. i have wet hair and look a little sickly, but my belly still looks like a belly--which is all that matters with these pictures ;) Josh said i was cheating by taking this picture late, so i made sure to add the "+2 days" underneath the week count haha.


if you read my last post then you know that i was sick for half of last week. on thanksgiving i was still functioning enough to enjoy the holiday, so thats good enough for me :)

now, some people have been guessing which day henry will be born, and since it could happen pretty soon here, i thought it would be fun to have a little guessing game on the blog. here are some guesses so far, and feel free to leave yours in the comments (or email me and i'll add it)! note: his due date is december 31.

+me: december 25
+josh: december 20
+mok: december 14
+darci: january 2
+mary: december 23
+leann: december 28

guess away!!


The Blairs said...

I am weird and I can't decide on a date. So, I have two...an early and a late one. I'm his best Auntie, I'm allowed 2 guesses :) So, I'm going with:

December 28th, 8lbs 5ozs, and 21 inches...oh, and obviously super cute with lots of black spikey hair.


January 3rd -- same for all the other stuff.

Jen said...

12/27 7lbs 5oz and he is adorable

liz canaan roberts said...

01/01/12! 7 lbs 6 oz.

hope you are feeling better. being pregnant and sick always felt 10 times worse to me than being unpregnant and sick.

Rachel Hatch said...

December 28th! That way he can have his first christmas when he is starting to walk and it will be so so cute!!!

Emelro said...

i say december 21st/he will be here before christmas! i just know it :) um, ps. cute vest!

Laura said...

Hang in there momma! You are looking GREAT! I hope you start feeling good soon with all this excitement just around the corner.

I'm terrible at guessing birth days! I wouldn't mind sharing my birthday with Mr. Henry (Decemeber 12) but that is a bit early so maybe let him hang out a bit longer. Decemeber 29.

Anonymous said...

december 23rd. another festivus miracle!

dallinp said...

Dallin says the 18th

I say the 5th of January!

Can't wait to meet this angel! We will be out for christmas so I hope he comes before we leave!

Zoe said...

december 24th! :)