Monday, November 28, 2011

immune system fail

hello friends. while this vacation was good overall, it was also very miserable. i got a cold. i started to feel it tuesday night and by wednesday morning i knew it was here to stay. being pregnant, cold medicine options are pretty limited. basically everything i am allowed to take for a cold did absolutely nothing. zilch. i need my dayquil!!! i would say that friday it got even worse, and my nose would not stop running/clogging/being disgusting. the following picture is from saturday:

i took it with my phone and posted it on facebook with the caption that this is why there was no 35 week photo being taken. i apologize, but i was so miserable it wasn't going to happen. especially since i look like rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and there was VapoRub slathered all over my nose. last night josh (bless his heart and soul!) went to walmart and picked me up some things to make me feel better. including a lovely humidifier which i've had on full blast since last night. he also got me these really cool tissues you all need to try called Cool Touch, from Kleenex. somehow they feel kind of cold and delicious on your nose. its magic. go get some.

anyways, enough with the pity party. i dont mean for it to come off that way, i just wanted to explain why i havent been blogging, why theres no 35 week picture, and why there are no photos of our christmas decorations yet (even though we lost all self control and decorated a WEEK ago haha). a big shout out to my awesome husband for taking care of me, even though ive been in full out "jess the mess" mode. also, thanks to my parents (and adopted family members ;)) for coming and visiting with us on friday--i hope none of you get sick!! as far as blogging goes, i'll try and do some catch up soon. maybe i'll have josh take a picture of me today and i'll just cake my nose with foundation/concealer first haha.

i hope you all enjoyed a lovely holiday/vacation!

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, no fun! I hope you feel better soon lady!