Monday, December 12, 2011

37 weeks

saturday marked 37 weeks pregnant. almost there! on friday at my appointment my doctor said theres seriously no more room in my belly, so he thinks Henry will come before Christmas. he actually predicted the 19th. eeeeeps!! this past week i've been feeling it...everything sort of hurts now (my hips feel like they're dislocated!), and i'm not positive but i'm pretty sure i've started waddling a little bit...haha

on thursday we had a bit of a fake out... on the drive home from work i realized that i had hardly felt henry move all day. normally henry is super active and it feels like he's doing barrel rolls all the time, so it was a really big change from the norm. by the time i got home from work i was all worked up, and when i called the Dr the answering service people said to go to labor and delivery. so i [finally!] packed my hospital bag and we headed over. i got hooked up to the monitors and henry's heartbeat was perfect. after a bit he started kicking the monitors, and after they gave me some juice he was back to his normal, squirmy self. i guess he just felt like being a little punk all day!

although i'm still [not so secretly] terrified of having and raising a baby, i just keep getting more and more excited. i'm lucky i have such a good support system to help/encourage/answer all my dumb questions for me. also, i passed a kidney stone today at work (for reals), so i'm pretty sure i can survive labor... at least i'll have an epidural for it!! ;)


Emelro said...

henrrryyyyy!!!! come to meeeee (not creepy at all)

liz canaan roberts said...

you've definitely got a baby in there! and you're looking fab!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Holy cow, a kidney stone? Yikes! That's terrible!