Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend re-cap, and an outfit post!

i cut my hair [on friday]. only like 2 inches though. so hopefully all those dratted split ends are gone, and it's a nice length. definitely not borderline gross anymore haha. and i dyed it so it's all one nice color again. farewell, roots! so...i took this haircut opportunity to turn in into an outfit post. josh was, of course, thrilled. ok, well he might have been simultaneously shooing me away while watching to catch a predator (addicting!), but he managed to snap a few pics haha.

my traditional "peace" pose of course

clearly NOT paying attention. thanks joshy. but kind of funny haha.

andddd:blurry full-length shot.
top: nordstrom (so mj, right? i am feelin it lately!)
tank: wet seal (for like $2)
heart necklace: lia sophia
jeans: truck
snakey flats: charlotte russe (i never go in there but i did on a whim. i'm glad, too, cuz these were only $10 and i wear them all the time now!)

yesterday i went with my friend to a local antique/plant/crafty shop. i don't know how to explain it, i just like it. i've gone before and scored some nice stuff, that you can see in this post. i ended up buying an old vogue pattern, a lot of vintage lace, vintage buttons, and some awesome hankerchiefs. i have some ideas for these beauties, and i will keep you posted. [they also relate to one of my goals!] unfortunately i had a ten dollar limit (hello, medical bills!) so i was unable to get some other awesome things. like these:

vintage turquoise singer. in working condition. i wanted to cry. i think it was $65? $75?

this set of awesome blue/chrome chairs. $45 each tho...what a rip off. i look creepy in this picture? oh well...

yesterday we also watched gran torino with some friends. if you haven't seen it, you need to. the end sort of makes me cry, which was embarrassing since there were people over, but oh well.

then tonight we went and had a birthday dinner at josh's parents house. josh turns the big 2-6 this month, and my little niece sunny turns 6. it was a great time. unfortunately...i didn't take out my camera. oops! it was fun though and we had some delish fish and chips! it's so nice having good seafood (i'm from maine, you know...comes with the territory). so thanks for the fun birthday bash, in-laws! we had an awesome time ♥

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend! i have to go to bed now or i will never wake up for work. boo... nighty night!


Lulu and the Locket said...

Gran Torino is an excellent film truly! Your hair looks well lush lady! xx

Chelsea said...

your hair looks cute! and i love your outfit in the last photo!

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

your hair looks beautiful and ahh i want that singer machine!! x

Amy said...

Lurve the haircut! Gran Torino made me cry too, but it's a sweet film. Your local antique/crafty shop sounds like a dream, you lucky thing - buttons and sewing machines and furniture, I'd die! :D

Darci said...

I totally want that sewing machine. Awesome.

Melissa said...

That sewing machine is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

I desperately want that sewing machine. But at the same time, i don't sew. Haha.


Heather Taylor said...

Pretty new hair!