Sunday, February 28, 2010

saturday adventures

so yesterday morning i woke up and got drugged up on dayquil to go adventuring with my friend mellissa (she's been kind of sick lately so she didn't care). she picked me up and we went to a few different stores in orem. we went to 2 home decor/interior design places that were super nice and really expensive, and then we went to an antique shop which was awesome. here are my treasures:

bought this. vintage lipstick holder (from the 50s i believe)

bought this. another vintage lipstick holder.

both of them open up and there's a little mirror inside! so cool, right?
i might wear them as rings because no one will know the difference. we'll see.

i was taking pictures of my treasures w/the blinds open and kitty popped out of his box
"what the heck is going on!?"

i am obsessed with this. vintage tulip apron, from the 40s. tulip flowers, in a tulip shape.
definitely making a pattern from this!

i love cameos. love love love them, always have.
this beauty is only $35. i'm thinking possible birthday present...? (wink, wink!)

metal flower hooks. reminds me of the movie district 9.

this pillow was priced at like $112 or something. i'm totally making it.

most beautiful ottomon i have ever seen. felt flower petals.
i'm making it.

teacup set! the plate has the color of the bird with white bird prints on it. sooo adorable!

i loved this piece. it kind of reminded me of some of the stuff i do.
i like any kind of art w/words in it

anyways, its was fun to go on a little adventure and go exploring. we found lots of inspiration and ideas for our apartments and future houses. we kept remarking over and over "i want my own house!" and "i cant wait til i get my own house!!" haha, now all we need is for josh to get a good job so we can get a house :] anyone know of any jobs?? ♥


Liv said...

very nice vintage finds!

and i really hope josh can find work soon so you two can have a fabulously decorated house.

i promise i'll stay positive if you do too!

xoxoKrysten said...

Yay for fantastic finds lady!

Kimberly said...

Ihope you brought home the teacup set and the word/wood hanging. Way cool.

angelina la dawn said...

what amazingly wonderful finds! i am totally jealous and must go scavengering this week myself!

Andhari said...

Awesome finds. Love the pillow case the most :)

yours truly dear said...

i only brought home the first few things that i photographed in my apt. the rest were too expensive and only used for inspiration haha. unless someone wants to send me thousands of dollars :]

Betsy said...

Ummm, so where exactly is this antique shop my dear?

Francesca said...

I looooove that last piece. So cute!

Francesca said...

I looooove that last piece. So cute!