Thursday, August 12, 2010

the list

4 simple goals before 2011
a blog / life movement by elsie flannigan
ps: that's me calling it a blog/life movement. not her. she isn't one to be self-important like that. it's just what i named it haha.

1. start making dinner again. incorporate more [at this point...any] veggies. lets face it, i need to eat better. i can't blame my not eating vegetables on juji's hatred of vegetables.

2. shop less, make more. this is for clothing and accessories mostly. i have a shopping problem and with all the medical bills we will be facing in the near future i need to squash it asap.

3. make more time for things. i always think or say "oh, i didn't have time to do this or do that." when really, it's i didn't make time for things. activities, friends, spending more time with juji, crafting, lets face it...showering, etc

4. stop feeling like i'm fat. stop comparing my weight to my husbands (i weigh 4 pounds less, thus the complex). work on the pooch...or accept the pooch. stop complaining about it. try to do my workout dvd at least once a week.

[all images via we heart it]

those are my goals. they are honest, i want to do them, and i think they will improve my life. lets hope i can stick with them and have some self control. are you participating in this? what are your goals?


Meg said...

These are great, maybe I should do this too, I always have an issue with the way I look and my weight! Have a great weekend!

Darci said...

I should make a list but that would require me to be motivated...which I don't want to do. My goal will be to cheer you on in your goals.

yours truly dear said...

hahaha. thanks dorris.

Kristin said...

I've got a lean and mean hubs too. It's brutal. HA!

Suzanne said...

umm hi! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

i really need to incorporate vegetables back into my life as well... and remind myself that the tomato sauce on the lasagna doesn't count.

yours truly dear said...

hahaha suzanne. the sauce totally counts. in our book anyway haha ;]

Melissa said...

Sending lots of luck and support your way with the goals!! I especially love the idea of shopping less and making more, that can be so enriching.

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

these are excellent ideas! i'm totally with ya on the last one - i'm signing up for a gym this week. :)

ps kitty! mrow!

leyla said...

I feel you on number four...I really only want to lose like eight or ten pounds but I keep beating myself up about them. I either need to accept it or get rid of it...wish I could get rid of it cuz my clothes look so much better when I'm eight pounds lighter. Anyway...good luck with whatever way you decide to go :)

Heather Taylor said...

Your goal list sounds very attainable. Keep with it! I too have a shopping problem and am doing my very best to kick it. Not easy to do though...but we can make it!