Monday, July 5, 2010

mama let me upgrade you...

so remember how we bought a new couch, so our couches actually match now? well, we had rearranged some furniture, so we wanted to get some sort of stand to put by the door when you walk in. after looking at target and finding NOTHING, we finally decided to explore ikea today. i also wanted to look for a bigger coffee table since our couches basically dwarf everything, and our coffee table wasnt long enough to comfortably reach drinks/food from both couches (total dilemma, right?).

while we were there, we also saw a really awesome mirror that we liked and it was extremely reasonable. so...we came home with: nightstand (we made it our ...wall stand? idk), coffee table, and full-length mirror, along other small items. the hardest part was getting it all in the car. and by all, i basically just mean the mirror. we ended up sitting it from the back to up and over the front seats, and had our headrests off. if we had got in a bad accident i probably could have been decapitated... awesome, huh? the things we do for furniture... it reminded me of the time we brought our bed home with jeff and darci (also an ikea adventure).

of course, i set everything up. cuz i'm awesome. (except the mirror, which required no building). oh, and jay-z helped of course [it was like a playground for him w/all the cardboard and plastic!]

voila: 'nightstand' transformed. candle and plant/pot all from ikea today. this is when you walk in, on the right (those are the closet doors right there in the pic).

new coffee table. can you imagine how small our old one was [in relation to furniture size], since this one looks small-ish here? (and yes, thats a mini fridge in the corner. dont judge)

josh had the brilliant idea to transform our old coffee table (also ikea) into a shoe stand for me. YES! it worked perfectly. he said that now i have no excuse for them to be messy anymore though...egh...

christmas card, anyone?
family picture in the new mirror. i've always wanted a full-length one! now i dont have to scrunch all weird to check if my whole outfit looks good or not in the "full-length" walmart mirror we had.

that's the extent of our ikea exploration today. oh, except for the kitty palace i bought jay-z. ha ha ha. it's slightly feminine, which i thought was appropriate. we added his blanket for comfort, and we're still waiting to see if he likes it:

dont you just love ikea? ♥

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Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ikea = love. I haven't been there in awhile but I always find something awesome there.