Thursday, April 10, 2008

our ikea adventures

okay, so monday our friends jeff and darci invited us to go to ikea with them. we were like of course!! while they looked at couches and countertops, we picked out our bedframe. the one we had originally registered for on target had ridiculous shipping, and we love ikea anyways. the bed is perfect, the only problem was how to bring it home with us.

disclaimer: i am only telling this story to share a funny experience. therefore no one is allowed to get mad/flustered, etc about how this was all possible.....(aka, the mothers who are reading this blog right now..)

ok. now that ive gotten that out of the way... sooo we went down to the self serve place and picked out the stuff we needed. it was 2 big boxes and then a metal rod thing (the main beam or something?). we paid for it, then of course i had to stop and get a cinnamon roll and mountain dew, and then we faced the problem of getting the bedframe into joshs car. which also was carrying our friends, and a carseat. and us.

at first the biggest part wouldnt really fit in. so josh and jeff decide to take it out of the box and put it in that way. so of course the whole time im being super annoying and saying "oh my word, dont scratch it! watch where you put it! what are you doing!?!" (at the time i wasnt trying to be annoying, i promise. i was just slightly freaking out haha). so we put it in, put the sideboards in going all the way up to the front of the car, and put the carseat on top of everything. the boys did a good job. darci and jeff, being such amazing friends, squished underneath the bedframe the entire drive home. i was scared the back door would fly open and our bedframe and best friends would go flying out of the back. but of course thats me being all paranoid again. we made it all the way home nice and safe. our bedframe made it, still in perfect condition. our friends were still alive and i think darcis arm only fell asleep once.

anyways, that was a rather long story, sorry. but here are the always humorous pictures:

squished under the bed

look theres the headboard!

umm yeah, they were squished.

our favorite part, besides laughing at how cramped in they were, was singing to mariah careys new song. we were practically yelling it.
moral of the story:
bring a truck when you go to ikea, or have really good friends.
the end.


Darci said...

We really did have a lot of fun. We didn't mind having an excuse to be so close to each other! "Touch my body!!"...okay that sounds weird if you don't know the lyrics to Mariah's new song...

The Blairs said...

Sorry about the carseat. That would be my fault. The bed looks cool...from what I can see :)

yours truly said...

haha we dont mind about the carseat. it just made things even more funny. and yeah the bed is really nice. :]

Juji said...

"Touch My Body" hahaha...that was the best part. Now where is my zebra painting???? :)

Liv Taylor said...

amen sistah.

Honeybee said...

I heard the story before, but the pictures are the best!! I am glad that all is safe. I think that in the fall I will be living really close to you! I talked with Josh about it this horrid weekend to keep us from shanking someone. SMILE :)