Monday, April 7, 2008

to quote my mother:


:] we got our marriage license today!! yippeeee.
anyways, i was just sitting here listening to britney spears (yes, britney..) and thinking about how its so cool and we only have 26 days and obviously everyone can tell im pretty excited. over the weekend we picked up a couch, which jeff and darci so nicely allowed to stay at their new place. we just want to get a bright red slipcover for it. someone gave us a check for a bedframe we want from ikea, so thats wicked exciting!! joshua still keeps talking about the zebra picture he wants from ikea. its really cool, im glad i found the link because everytime i try to explain it to someone i cant. i also love this one. anyways, thats about all thats new. next tuesday is our last day of school and i canNOT wait. finals arent going to be fun, but at least theyre coming up soon so it can all be over with!!


Kimberly said...

If the phrase fits---use it! Way to go girl! (and boy!)

Liv Taylor said...

i have a red couch!!
we are somewhat alike, it's weird. and we didn't even know it until we became obsessed with blogging.
good luck with finals!!

yours truly said...

thanks babe. and seriously liv i like never really knew you before and now i feel like we are soul sisters or something haha. i love it.