Friday, June 18, 2010

5 things:

1. the csn giveaway ends today (@midnight!). my friend liv also has one going on here, which you should check out (anything to increase those odds! haha).

2. reminder that tomorrow is the provo farmers market, from 9-2 at pioneer park. we would love to have some visitors!!

3. my friend asked me to watch her guinea pig for her while she's in DC, and this happened:

they're basically bff

4. next week for work i'm camping, so after this weekend i won't be blogging for a few days. i havent forgotten about you, i'm just off roughin it in the wild. no big deal: i'm rugged, so whaturr. ♥

5. remember when we bought our grown up couch? but we still had the unmatching full size couch (seen in above picture)? wellllll, the full size matching couch is on sale right now at rc willey, so we bought it!! now we just need to find a truck so we can move it into our apartment. oh, and get rid of the old couch. (i have it listed here and on craigslist, if you're interested).


Liv said...

yay for friday!

Hope the market goes well for you guys. I'm going to attend the Ogden one a couple of times to see how it goes.

thanks for the love!

DG said...

awww cute! :)